Alicia Keys hits back at critics of her #nomakeup revolution

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Kayleigh Dray
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Alicia Keys has come under fire for her #nomakeup revolution.

Just weeks ago, the singer penned a powerful essay about why she has chosen to ditch her beauty products in favour of a natural, bare-faced look.

At the time, she said that going out without make-up had left her feeling empowered and more like herself.

“I don't want to cover up anymore,” she admitted. “Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth.


Since then, we’ve seen Keys appear on The Voice US without any make-up – and, when she stepped out on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs, it was clear that she had, once again, refused to cover up.

Many responded positively to the ‘radical’ beauty decision, praising Keys for reminding young girls that “it’s beautiful to be yourself” – and that makeup is optional, depending on people’s own preferences.

However not everyone was pleased with the 35-year-old’s personal choices.

As a result, she has since come under attack on social media, with many accusing her of taking the #nomakeup movement "too far". 

Others suggested that it was time for Keys to at least wear some light make-up, while several social media users even accused her of lying about her “imaginary” beauty regime.

Keys has since taken to Twitter to respond to the negative comments being made about her.

However, rather than enter into an angry debate, she decided to keep her message as light and positive in tone as possible.

Sharing a photo of herself blowing a kiss, she wrote: “Y'all, me choosing to be make-up free doesn't mean I'm anti-makeup. Do you!”

Her message was clear; make-up should be optional, and nobody should ever be made to feel like they must or must not wear it.

Her husband Swizz Beatz echoed the sentiment on Instagram.

“Somebody sitting home mad because somebody didn’t wear makeup on their face,” he said. “[But it’s] not your face. You can do whatever you want to do.

"She didn’t tell y’all to wear no makeup. She’s just not vibing with the makeup all the way 100 percent.”

It is worth pointing out that nobody has mentioned the fact that almost every single male celebrity who attended the MTV VMA's alongside Keys also chose to go bare-faced.

Perhaps the #nomakeup revolution will serve as an important reminder about double standards, and open up a wider conversation about the different ways in which men and women are judged by society.


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