“It’s about equality”: Alicia Vikander on the need for more female filmmakers

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Moya Crockett
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She’s one of the most in-demand actresses on the planet, starring in nine major movies in the last two years alone.

But like Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon before her, Alicia Vikander has also set up her own film production company – and tells that her ambition is to create more female-driven movies.

Vikander announced the launch of her production company, Vikarious, in May. Speaking to while promoting her new film Jason Bourne, in which she plays a CIA operative, Vikander said that the lack of realistic female characters in Hollywood movies is “definitely something that I want to bring awareness to”.

The Oscar-winner says she once made five films in a row in which her character didn't have a single conversation with another woman, and says that she believes a lack of women writers in Hollywood is partly behind the problem.

“We need female writers,” she tells “I would probably consider that myself, that women know women better.”

Nevertheless, Vikander believes some male writers are capable of creating realistic female characters. “I have been surprised by men who have been able to write women very well,” she says. “It’s more about equality… and making sure that we have both women and men both in front of the camera, but even more, also, behind [the camera].”

Vikarious’s first feature film, Euphoria, stars Vikander and Eva Green as sisters travelling towards a mystery location, and is directed by Vikander’s friend Lisa Langstreth.

She tells that she initially tried to make it as a producer by applying to law school.

“When I finished ballet school, where I was for quite a few years, I tried out for theatre school and I did not get in,” she says.  “I then wanted to decide what I wanted to instead, and a lot of people that I met who are producers in film and TV in theatre had gone through law, so I actually got into law school and thought that that would maybe be the way – because I wanted to tell stories and work with film.”

Watch the interview with Alicia Vikander below:

Jason Bourne is in cinemas on 27 July.