Amy Schumer lined up to play Barbie in new live-action movie

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Kayleigh Dray
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Amy Schumer – aka the awesome comedy star famed for her frank chats about sex, feminism, and politics – has been lined up to take the lead in the new live-action Barbie movie.

The film, which is due to be released in summer 2018, will see Schumer play a character who lives in Barbieland. But, as you may have guessed, her Barbie is a little (read: very) different to all the other hundreds she lives alongside every single day. Think Cheerleader Barbie, Horse-Riding Barbie,  and Yoga Teacher Barbie, to name but three.

It’s not too long before all the Barbies grow tired of Schumer’s eccentric behaviour, calling for her to be evicted from Barbieland and thrown into the horror that is the real world.

Deadline, who broke the news, explained that Schumer’s character “then goes on an adventure in the real world and by the time she returns to Barbieland to save it, she has gained the realisation that perfection comes on the inside, not the outside, and that the key to happiness is belief in oneself, free of the obligation to adhere to some unattainable standard of perfection.”

Sounds like the perfect message of female empowerment, if you ask us.

The Sony film will be a PG – and Schumer’s sister, Kim Caramele, is set to rewrite the script with her to make it as a badass and funny as possible. They have yet to find a director, although the filmmakers are intent on a woman taking the reins on this #girlpower project.

However, despite many people being over-the-moon about Schumer’s involvement in the project, some body-shaming trolls have slammed the Trainwreck actor as “too fat” to play Barbie.

“Sorry Amy Schumer, nobody wants a fat Barbie,” wrote one.

Another added: “Amy Schumer was cast as Barbie's fat, loud mouth nemesis right? No? SHE is playing Barbie? hahaha! Is this a horror film?”

“I can’t imagine anyone seriously casting her as Malibu Big-Boned Barbie,” tweeted another.

While the majority of the fat-shaming trolls were (surprise!) men, some women also joined the discussion, with one writing: “Maybe the story idea is #PregnantWithTwins Barbie… [and Ken, GI Joe, and the Mr T action figure] will deny paternity out of embarrassment.”

Another added: “Fat Malibu Barbie will need a bigger car. Get her a Hummer.”

They’ve clearly failed to understand the empowering message of the movie.

However we doubt that Schumer will allow their comments to affect her, as she has been busy shutting down body-shamers and championing self-love for years now.

During a recent Today Show appearance, Schumer sat down with Maria Shriver to describe that body image has been “a struggle for me my whole life.”

She said: “Going to put jeans on or things that I see girls in magazines or on TV wearing wasn’t agreeing with my body type. You feel bad and wrong. It creates so much anxiety.”

However she added that her celebrity status has given her the ability to engage in a new conversation.

“It’s really exciting for me to be in a position to say, what about loving yourself how you are. What about saying this is how I look and I’m beautiful and I’m strong.”

She finished: “You’re not going to be what everybody loves. But you have to love yourself. Making the decision to do that is something you can actually do.”


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