Everyone needs to read Amy Schumer’s response to a fan’s photoshopped image of her

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Amy Schumer proves (once again) that she has no time for body shaming.

Amy Schumer loves the skin she’s in.

In fact, so much so, she’s proved it time and time again. Firstly, her response to a designer calling her a “pig” was priceless. And secondly, she didn’t miss a beat when she penned and published a powerful letter to fat-shaming trolls.

Now, the I feel Pretty actress has shown (once again) that she has no time for body shaming. After spotting a fan’s photoshopped image of her on Instagram she wasted no time in calling them out for it.

“So I think Amy looks great already but man does she look way better I’m [sic] my OPINION in the second photo,” the Instagram user captioned the post, in which they shared the original photo of Schumer in a bikini on the beach along with the altered image (making her look visibly thinner). 

Schumer then replied in the most dignified way, while hitting home with the message that altering people’s bodies is not okay.

“I disagree. I like how I really look. That’s my body. I love my body for being strong and healthy and sexy. I look like I’d give a good hug or have a drink with you,” she wrote.

“The other picture looks nice but it’s not me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. See, we’re both right.”

Schumer then posted both images on her Instagram Story, labelling the original as “real a** me” and the altered one as “boo”.

Thankfully, the Instagram user (who has now deleted the post and their account) apologised to Schumer – and admitted their ignorance.

“I’m sorry, Amy! It was unfair to do that to you,” the Instagram user wrote. “I didn’t think much about it when I first posted the pic. I’ve seen a lot of people photoshopping celebrities so I didn’t think mine would even be a blimp.

The user continued: “I spent like 30 min making the photo and I should have never posted it! I’m glad people called out this post! That was a d**k move on my end. Well, all I can do is apologise, I’m sorry.”

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