Amy Schumer sex after having a baby.

Amy Schumer just got refreshingly real about sex after having a baby

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Comedian and actor Amy Schumer has talked candidly about her sex life after having a baby, IVF and endometriosis in a new podcast interview.

Amy Schumer’s candour is something we’ve always applauded (along with her comedy, of course). The actor is refreshingly honest when it comes to taboo issues that need to be discussed more openly. 

Take, for instance, the photo of her bruised stomach that she shared to highlight the reality of IVF treatment. Then there are the multiple times she has shut down body shaming. And, when opening up about being raped by her boyfriend in interview a couple of years ago, it was a stark reminder that a relationship is not consent. 

So it’s little surprise that she has now released a new documentary about her pregnancy journey, called Expecting Amy. And, in a new interview she has shared some frank words on what her sex life is now like post-pregnancy.

Schumer features on the first episode of the iHeartRadio Originals new What to Expect podcast. Speaking to co-hosts Heidi Murkoff and her daughter Emma Bing, the comedian talks about what it’s like being a new mum and how it has affected her sex life.

“Well, you know, it’s like they say, you can’t have sex for like six weeks, you know? And I was hoping it was going to be longer than that because they just like sliced my FUPA open,” Schumer says in an exclusive clip reported by E! News.

“I’m not like dying to, you know, get pounded from behind. Thank you very much,” she jokes. “So I was very down to wait the six weeks and then, and then it was nice.”

She continues: “Once we [could] have sex again, it was, it was nice. And we’re really good about having sex once a week. We just keep it going because you have to otherwise you’re just like roommates and then it’s like weird that you’re having sex…”

“We make a plan. We go like, ‘Let’s have sex tomorrow or Tuesday. That’ll be a good day.’ And then we do it and we go, ‘That’s great. We should do that more,’ but we still just do it once a week.”

During the conversation, Schumer also talks about how endometriosis and Adenomyosis have affected her.

“I’m never going to be pregnant again. I also have really bad endometriosis and the Adenomyosis. I could have a baby again physically but it might kill me,” she shares. 

“We got some embryos and I went through IVF and we got one normal one and two mosaics. We’re thinking seriously about taking the surrogacy route. Covid-19 kind of put everything on hold, but of course we do want more. I hope that’s in the cards for us.” 

The full episode of What To Expect will be available to listen to on Wednesday 4 August.

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