Anna Kendrick set to play female Santa Claus in new Disney film

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Kayleigh Dray
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From Emma Watson to Lily James to Emma Stone, Disney has made a point of teaming up with awesome and inspiring actors to reinterpret classic fairy tales and give them a feminist twist.

There’s the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie, which will see Belle (Watson) reimagined as an inventor, as well as the planned Cruella film – which will tell the story of 101 Dalmatians through the eyes of its fashionable villain (Stone).

And let’s not forget the live–action 2015 version of Cinderella, which saw James take on the previously mute and downtrodden character and transform her into a total badass, teaching children everywhere to “have courage, and be kind”.

Now, at last, Disney has reached out to Anna Kendrick for her help in taking on one of the most male-focused stories ever.

And, yup, they’re planning on giving it a girl-power makeover, too.

We’re talking, of course, about the story of Christmas; for as long as we can remember, Santa Claus – aka the fat jolly man in red – has been the hero of the Yuletide season. He squeezes his way down chimneys, delivers presents to all the nice children of the world, dishes out lumps of coal to the naughty ones and gobbles up all the mince pies and brandy in sight.

Disney want to change all this, however, and give the tale a feminist twist in their upcoming movie, which has been simply dubbed Nicole.

Variety reports that the film is set to revolve around “Santa’s daughter”, played by Pitch Perfect’s Kendrick. Life in the North Pole is a little boring for the women of the Claus family – particularly as her dad has been training her brother up to take over the family business.

But, when Santa finally retires, it seems as if her bro isn’t ready for the responsibility and ends up getting cold feet just before his first big Christmas Eve flight.

Enter Nicole, who’s more than ready to tackle all the issues of nervous reindeer, missing gifts and breaking and entering into millions of homes all over the world.


It all sounds very Arthur Christmas, doesn’t it? Although, hopefully, with more singing.

If the allure of Anna Kendrick in her very own feminist Christmas film wasn’t enough to get you excited for Nicole, it’s worth pointing out that the project is being penned and directed by Miss Congeniality’s Marc Lawrence.

However, as Kendrick just started work on Pitch Perfect 3, it seems unlikely that Disney will begin filming this project for a little while.

There's no word yet on a release date, but we're going to take a wild guess and suggest that a Christmas unveiling is likely. Although it’s far more likely Christmas 2018 than later this year.


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