In case you missed it: Ariana Grande brought back your favourite boy band at Coachella

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Billie Bhatia

The final night of the festival was a glorious trip down memory lane. 

We have come to expect a lot from Coachella, if you look beyond the flower crowns, the fringing, the denim cut-offs and the tan suede ankle boots. After all, it’s the festival that brought us Tupac Shakur’s resurrection via a hologram performance, a Daft Punk set that literally lit up the desert sky and, of course, everything that was Beychella.

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Last night (14 April) saw another iconic moment as Ariana Grande closed the festival with a special guest appearance from our all-time favourite boy band: *NSYNC. 

OK, granted Justin Timberlake wasn’t there, but we will happily take Ariana as our stand-in JT. 

In fact, Ariana was more than a suitable stand in as they performed Tearin’ Up My Heart to ardent screams from the entire crowd. Then the chorus hit and so did the skip down memory lane to those choreographed dance routines we had spent hours perfecting in our bedrooms.

If that wasn’t enough Nineties bliss, Ariana also brought on Diddy (or, if we are strictly sticking to Nineties references, Puff Daddy) in a tribute to Notorious B.I.G with a rendition of Mo Money Mo Problems

As the youngest artist to ever headline Coachella, Ariana definitely gave the people what they wanted. 

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