Artist asks strangers to share their secrets for project

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Everyone has a secret. Actually, most people have more than one, probably quite a few in fact. (Quick tip: don't Google 'what is the collective noun for secrets?', there isn't one, in case you were wondering.)

Artist Nova Pan also understands that pretty much everyone has something to hide, so decided to do something a little bit different for an art project - she wanted to collect 1000 secrets.

To do this, she asked strangers to exchange their secrets for hers. First, she set up a stall in Central Park, New York, and then people came up to her to write down on pieces of paper to share their skeletons.

She then shares their revelations online on the project’s blog and Facebook page but the people remain anonymous the entire time.

On her website she said: “Everyone has some secrets hidden deeply in their heart which they can’t tell their family or friends. Picture you’re sitting down while you write a secret to a stranger and face each other with a nice smile; imagine how wonderful it would be.”

Read some of the secrets strangers have shared with her below and also watch the video of how she went about the project.

Head to her tumblr or the Facebook page to see more secrets.

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