The internet’s favourite fashionable grandma is Urban Decay’s new muse

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Amy Swales
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Baddie Winkle’s bid for world domination continues apace, and to be fair, nobody really minds.

Whatever your thoughts on the Instagram-famous, it’s hard not to fall for the 88-year-old’s style and IDGAF attitude.

Just look at this selfie game:

And her thoughts on ‘age-appropriate’ fashion:

At 2.6 million followers and counting, Knoxville-based Baddie (real name Helen Van Winkle) has celeb pals, attends awards shows and has been named one of the 30 most influential people on the internet by Time.

So it’s no surprise that brands are clamouring for her seal of approval – having modelled for Missguided among others, Urban Decay has now snapped up the octogenarian as their Monthly Muse.

Photographing her posing around LA (where else?), the cosmetics brand says it chooses “awesome women who epitomise what it means to be cool” – and self-confessed colour junkie Ms Winkle is the perfect fit.

The star is known for her eclectic style, something she was encouraged into exploring by her great-granddaughter, and holds no truck with the idea that getting older means retiring into the background.

Once asked what advice she’d give to others her age, she replied: “I would say, ‘Get off your butt and get busy doing the things you wanted to do all your life but never did, so do it before it's too late. Get out and do your thing.’”

We’re on board, Baddie.

Images: Urban Decay


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