Piers Morgan insulted Mary Berry’s cooking – and GBBO’s Selasi wasn’t impressed

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From JK Rowling to Susan Sarandon to Janet Jackson, Piers Morgan has had a go at countless women in the spotlight over the years, and just took a swipe at Mary Berry – for her cooking skills, no less.

Like many others, the Good Morning Britain host has been eagerly watching BBC Two’s Mary Berry Everyday. And, also like many others, Morgan found himself reaching boiling point over her unusual spaghetti Bolognese recipe. Unusual, of course, meaning that she chose to pour in a healthy glug of white wine and double cream, sprinkle in some thyme, and pop it in the oven.

You know, the very same recipe that countless Italian chefs have been using to make Bolognese dishes for years.

Speaking on his daytime show, Morgan boldly announced that his own ‘Morgan-ese’ was far better than Bezza’s dish, despite the fact that the 82-year-old has considerably more experience in the kitchen than him.

And, to prove his point, he had former Bake Off star Selasi Gbormittah drop by to cook up both recipes.

Dipping into his own sauce, Morgan smiled smugly and praised his “spicy” concoction. “[It] kicks like a mule,” he said, adding that he loved “the rich red wine flowing through your veins”.

“I'm absolutely clear which one is mine, it's much more spicy, more passionate.”

Branding Berry’s Bolognese as “insipid and weak”, he turned to Gbormittah to ask the chef which dish he preferred – clearly assuming that the answer would be a resounding “Morgan-ese”.

Gbormittah, however, flashed a grin at the cameras as he promptly delivered his own verdict.

“Mary’s [is the winner],” he told Morgan flatly.

Shocked by Gbormittah’s response, Morgan fired back: “What? Sorry? How can you prefer that?!”

“Mary’s is quite rich because it contains sun-dried tomato paste, passata and tomatoes. That’s a lot of fresh ingredients,” said Gbormittah.

“Yours is just half a bottle of red wine.”


Morgan, unable to accept defeat, then slammed Gbormittah for ruining his recipe with “cheap wine”.

“You know what the problem is?” he said, clutching at straws. “You used cheap wine and gave it a tangy flavour.”

Unperturbed and delightfully unruffled, Gbormittah pointed out that, just moments before, Morgan had described the dish as “amazing”.

“That was before I knew it had lost,” snapped Morgan.

It’s nice to know that Gbormittah will always have Berry’s back.

Images: Rex Features / Good Morning Britain


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