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We've dug into the virtual loft of celebrity archive photos and dusted off these gems. From a fresh-faced Angelina Jolie to Orlando Bloom as a schoolboy and Liz Hurley the punk (circa 1983), this is the album that time forgot. Come immerse yourself in the retro genius that is stars before they were famous, below...

Pictures: Rex Features and Getty Images

  • Bjork

    Hard to imagine this cute face belting out the lyrics to It's Oh So Quiet...

  • Drew Barrymore

    Ah, Drew Barrymore. Shy and retiring from the out...

  • George Bush

    The former US president hasn't changed a bit.

  • Liz Hurley

    Way before the era of that safety pin dress, Liz Hurley (pictured right) was a goth. Brilliant.

  • Kurt Cobain

    This is the face that gave birth to grunge.

  • Keira Knightley

    Ms Knightley's early acting career was slightly less glamorous than it is now. She's pictured on a 1995 episode of The Bill.

  • Janice Dickinson

    Janice Dickinson does the girl scout look pretty well.

  • Kate Moss

    Yes this is Kate Moss, future supermodel and queen of Brit pop cool.

  • Pamela Anderson

    Meet the Pammy of 1984.

  • Angelina Jolie

    Brad Pitt, vials of blood, a star-studded Hollywood career - all were things of the future for mini-Angelina, at the Oscars (with her dad, Jon Voight) in 1986.

  • Kim Cattrall

    Once upon a time, Kim Cattrall was a fresh-faced teen in a sweatshirt. Alter ego Samantha Jones would be proud...

  • Sarah Palin

    Many moons ago, the self-styled "pitball in lipstick" and controversial Republican running mate was just another teen with big hopes and a hairdo to match.

  • Jamie Cullen

    We think Jamie Cullen should re-invent this blazer look. It's too sweet not to.

  • Kate Winslet

    One day, this sweet girl in pigtails would join Leo DiCaprio aboard a ship and make movie history with the immortal words "I'm flying!"

  • David Beckham

    Becks had his eye on the ball from an early age.

  • Jodie Kidd

    The passing of time has barely made a dent on Jodie Kidd.

  • Carmen Electra

    Who knew this little lady would grow up to be a Baywatch star?

  • Jeremy Clarkson

    We may as well re-name Jeremy Clarkson Just William.

  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah has stardom written all over her, aged just 17.

  • Amanda Holden

    Amanda Holden pre-Britain's Got Talent.

  • Helen Hunt

    Helen Hunt in 1975 looks sweet and sensible. She hasn't changed much.

  • Sophia Loren

    Even from an early age, Sophia Loren was able to wow the cameras.

  • Orlando Bloom

    Schoolboy Orlando is possibly the cutest thing ever.

  • Madonna

    Even back in the day, Madonna was not a name (or face) you'd easily forget.

  • Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore got the acting bug young.

  • Matt Damon

    With this snappy hair cut, Matt Damon could easily have been an extra on West Side Story. Instead he wisely opted for the Oscar route.

  • Sarah Harding

    It's a bit surreal seeing the Girls Aloud star in school uniform.

  • Hillary Clinton

    Even as a teen, Hillary Clinton has an air of authority about her.

  • Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Beckham on the cusp of fame, as she auditioned for the Spice Girls back in 1994.

  • Bill Clinton

    Meet "Billy" Clinton, back before a lifetime of presidential duties took hold.