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Instagram doesn't just give us a sneak peek into celebrity life. Of the millions of users, there are those with the enviable jobs of fashion photographer, chocolatier, cinematographer and ballet dancer who use the photo-sharing social network to give the rest of the world a glimpse of theirs.

From the illustrator who shares her beautiful preparatory drawings to the food photographer who lets us see exactly how a dish is perfectly snapped, we round up the 10 best Instagram profiles of amazing careers. We apologise if it sparks job-envy...

  • Fashion Photographer


    Jamie Beck has the incredible job of capturing fashion and beauty in the most exotic locations. When she's not sharing snaps of sunsets on her travels from Lorgues in south-east France to Ghana, she's logging her enviable New York City life in the most humble way.

  • Ballerina


    Though Melissa Chapski describes herself as an "aspiring Ballerina", currently training with Ellison Ballet school in New York, the 17-year-old has 22,400 followers who are captivated by the world of ballet. Chapski shares images of herself striking incredible poses inside the classroom and in unlikely places such as the beach.

  • Chocolatier


    At only 29 years old, Jonathan Grahm is a chocolatier to the stars of Hollywood, was named one of Forbes "30 Under 30" and has produced over 100 varieties of gourmet chocolates in his Los Angeles chocolate shop Compartes. He keeps his Instagram followers informed of his latest experiments in flavour - blood orange chocolates anyone?

  • Illustrator


    London-based Eleni Kalorkoti uses her Instagram account to post progress on her monthly zines and other work for major publishing companies such as The New York Times and Random House. Her illustrations are crisp and graphic and capture both whimsical and serious issues.

  • Food photographer


    Marcus Nilsson is a food photographer who has been called upon by countless of magazines, cookbook publishers and advertising agencies. Head to his Instagram account to see exactly how a dish is made to look perfect, from rejected waffles to a sauce poured with precision to make a square.

  • Cinematographer


    Matthew Libatique has worked on Black Swan, Iron Man and Noah. He likes to give his Instagram followers a peek of what's going on behind the scenes and sheds light on what life is like on set. Also follow Gravity Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (@chivexp) for the most intimately curated and visually stunning gallery of images.

  • Events planner

    "First off the famous margarita's and tacos!"


    Based in Beverly Hills, Mindy Weiss has the enviable job of a full-service event planner. Her high profile clients with big budgets - she recently worked on Barack Obama's Democratic National Committee fundraiser, where she posted a snap of the American President waving at her and her team - mean her work is full of breathtaking decor and amazing canape ideas (pictured).

  • Pastry chef


    Dominique Ansel is owner and chef at Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, but he's more famously known as the inventor of the Cronut. His Instagram feed is regularly updated with the exciting and sometimes wacky foods he creates and eats such as banana bread tiramisu, cake "fries" and this unique pavlova (pictured).

  • Interior Designer


    San Francisco-based interior designer Grant K. Gibson allows Instagrammer to dip into his eclectic world, from his latest interiors work (custom-made beds, painted dining room floors) to the design inspirations he's currently obsessed with (such as this vintage wallpaper).

  • Make-up artist


    As former assistant to Pat McGrath labelled the "most influential make-up artist in the world" as labelled by Vogue, Lottie is a leader in her industry and beauty on Instagram. She posts images from behind-the-scenes of her latest editorials, advertising campaigns and celebrity looks.

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