Lisa Kudrow reveals her favourite Friends episode

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We watched it, rewatched it, then got the VHS boxsets and watched it again. It may be over a decade old, but Friends will always hold a special place in our hearts. Ask anyone over the age of *cough* and we’re willing to bet they’ll have a favourite episode from the 10 season show.

And as it turns out, the cast do too.

In a recent interview with E! News, Lisa Kudrow (AKA Phoebe Buffay) revealed which episode was closest to her heart. Unsurprisingly, it features co-star David Schwimmer (Ross Geller).

“When Ross was learning to play, wanted to play the bagpipes,” Kudrow explains. “He says, 'Sing along,' and Phoebe does. And he's playing Celebrate by Kool and the Gang. It's stupid and funny.”

We can’t argue with her there. The One With Joey’s New Brain takes us back to the days leading up to Monica and Chandlers’ wedding, when Ross surprises the couple with a very special gift for their impending nuptials, the gift of song.

Beginning by warning his audience “Remember, I’m still learning”, Ross then proceeds to assault the ears of everyone in the room, with his performance generating a resounding ‘No’ from the couple. As expected, the only member of the group who enjoys the rendition is Phoebe, joining in as only she knows how.

Watch the scene for yourself here:

But despite these happy memories, it wasn’t always fun and games on set. Kudrow recently addressed the misogynistic comments aimed at her by an anonymous but high profile guest star on the show. After undergoing hair and makeup before recording their episode, “[He told me] ‘Now you’re f**kable.’”

The actress went on to explain that instead of retaliating, she chose simply to tell co-star Matt Le Blanc (Joey). “He’s like a big brother,” she added.

Despite how much we enjoyed reliving this magical episode, those hoping for a Friends reunion anytime soon may be sadly disappointed. Time to start digging out those boxsets.


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