The best, most powerful signs from the Put It To The People march

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Anna Brech
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A woman holds an anti-Brexit sign at the Put It To The People march in London

As Britain hurtles towards a no-deal Brexit, pro-EU protesters are making their voices heard

There’s nothing like a march to bring out the power of word play, and pun lovers were in their element yesterday for the Put It To The People march in central London. 

More than a million protesters took to the streets of the capital to demand another EU referendum, after another dramatic week of failed negotiations brought a no-deal exit one step closer for Britain.

With the current crisis spiralling out of Westminster control, activists carrying EU placards called for any Brexit deal to be put to a public vote. 

Quips about the single market and smart Ikea cabinets were in full swing, while apocalyptic fiction and would-be Brexit saviour Uri Geller also made it into the signage mix. 

Here are just a few of our favourite slogans from a bold and beautiful day of statement art:

Protesters hold an anti-Brexit sign at the Put It To The People march in central London

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