“She could walk into any Greggs and get a steak bake on the house.” Twitter responds to One Love Manchester

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Nobody could have blamed 23-year-old Ariana Grande for taking her time before performing in the UK again, and perhaps even never returning to Manchester – the city in which a terrorist targeted the young crowds leaving her concert, killing 22 people and injuring more than 100.

But not only did she come back to Manchester to visit young fans in hospital and meet with bereaved parents, she organised a huge star-studded charity gig, going ahead with the performance despite yet another terrorist attack in London less than 24 hours before and raising £2.35 million for the British Red Cross’ emergency fund.

And while One Love Manchester was a heart-warming, uplifting, emotional occasion, with many a viewer and artist shedding a few tears, this is still the UK. And we like Twitter and sarcasm and Britpop feuds.

Thus, the social media site was awash with hilarious, wry posts throughout the concert, with one of the biggest conversations around one of the city’s most famous bands potentially reuniting.

To the joy of anyone over 25, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher flew back from Nuremberg in Germany the very same night to take to the stage as a surprise headliner, arriving in typically sweary fashion.

However, brother Noel was on a family holiday and didn’t attend.

Instead, Gallagher was joined by Coldplay’s Chris Martin – a man he once derided as looking like a “geography teacher”, “like he’s in The Tweenies” and “beyond s***” – to perform Live Forever, and the whole situation lit up the internet:

In true Oasis style, even a charity concert couldn’t stand in the way of a years-long family feud and Gallagher couldn’t resist a few digs at his absent brother:

We’re here for a Britpop feud all the livelong day.

Of course, there were plenty of uplifting moments doing the online rounds too, including Grande’s mum working her way through the crowds, heartfelt singalongs and policemen enjoying a dance here and there:

Which we received in style:

In fact, Twitter was so impressed with Grande herself that there were calls to get the singer elected as PM, with many practically chucking her the keys to the city:

And with the general election round the corner, Twitter didn’t stop there with the political bent:

Overall, we were pretty happy with the takeaway message:

Several big-name artists joined Grande on stage for the concert, including Katy Perry, Little Mix, Miley Cyrus, Imogen Heap and Black Eyed Peas.

And while all made an impact with their performances and their speeches, one particular detail of Perry’s dress didn’t go unnoticed.

The sheer underlay seen in the cut-outs at first glance appeared to be a colourful pattern, but Twitter users noticed on closer inspection that the pattern appeared to actually be a montage of pictures of the attack victims.

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