From Reese Witherspoon’s Southern roots to Beyoncé’s mother-daughter selfie: the week’s best A-list Instagrams

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Nicola Rachel Colyer

Reese Witherspoon lets her Southern roots shine as she continues her adventures in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Naomie Harris expresses her pride upon receiving an OBE and Beyoncé teaches Blue Ivy the art of the selfie.

Come dive into all the action, right here.

  • Nicole Richie enjoys the limelight

    #TBT to 24 hours after my adoption papers were signed


  • You can take the girl out of the South...

  • Naomie Harris accepts her honour with pride

    As the daughter of an immigrant, it was with an added sense of pride that I received an OBE from the Queen today. I spent the ceremony reflecting on how my deceased grandparents would have felt seeing their granddaughter receive this kind of recognition from a country they fought so hard to be accepted by. I am proud to be British, and proud to be of Jamaican/Trinidadian descent, and I am incredibly proud of all the sacrifices my grandparents made so that I could live my dreams.


  • Salma Hayek throws it back

    #TBT 20 years ago at my first #oscars with my friend #luismiguel 
    OMG I was so skinny!
    Hace 20 años en mis primeros Oscares con mi amigo Luis Miguel. Dios mío que flaca estaba!


  • John legend gets help in rehearsals

    Practicing for La La with Luna


  • Naomi Campbell works it with Michael Jackson


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