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Captain Marvel’s personal trainer on how he helps women get strong

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Brie Larson’s trainer, Jason Walsh, opens up about what it’s really like to help women harness their power.

There’s a video of Brie Larson training for Captain Marvel where she pushes a Jeep up a road, on her own. The car belongs to her trainer, Jason Walsh. 

Watch it for yourself below:

“One day she saw me pull it up a back alley,” Walsh tells Stylist. “She said, ‘Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that’.”

Brie was joking, but nine months later she was pushing the 5,000lb [2,268kg] Jeep and a driver.

“Imagine what that did for her psyche!” says Walsh.

Despite the vehicle-based virals, Walsh says his training for clients such as Jessica Biel, Matt Damon and Alison Brie isn’t about “fancy, flashy” stunts.

Instead, his philosophy, practised at his Los Angeles studio Rise Nation, is based around “primitive movement” like running, jumping and climbing. 

“People can find it really tough at first, but that’s because we don’t usually move well,” he says.

At Rise Nation, everyone goes back to basics, learning how to adjust their body into a natural alignment. “I even taught Ellen DeGeneres to sit down in a chair correctly,” says Walsh, adding that he finds value in helping women build strength.

“It’s the best explanation of who I am,” he says. “I’m very proud. I was raised by women, with no father around, no grandfather. I had an uncle who inspired me, an outdoorsman who climbed mountains, but I was raised by my mom, her girlfriend and another female couple. I see what women go through, so I like to help them twist standards and debunk what people say about females.

“I know that women aren’t weak. They are so damn strong.”

Visit rise-nation.com for more information.

Photography: Mark Harrison

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