Brie Larson’s surprising recipe for superhero-level confidence

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Who better to ask about self-empowerment than the real-life Captain Marvel?

One of the things we’ve fallen in love with most about Brie Larson, after inviting her to guest edit a whole issue of Stylist, is how relatable she and her group of friends are.

From sharing her friend and chef Courtney McBroom’s green chilli pork recipe (considered a favourite among their group for a girls’ nights in), to telling us about which chat up lines most make her gang’s eyes roll, Larson is as real, funny and warm as you would hope. 

Throughout our guest edit issue – which, by the way is the first of 10 to celebrate a decade of Stylist – Larson has shared with us a mix of wondrous and weird facts about herself.

She told us about her favourite football team (a completely made up Golden Retrievers: she’ll be the first to admit she doesn’t know football) and which Hogwarts house she’d be in, as well as her first female role model and why she’s insistent on having an inclusion rider. In the process, we’ve learned a lot of about Larson, and have been taking her words of wisdom to heart. 

So, while we had our moment with her, we were keen to tap into her thoughts one more time, and find out what the real life Captain Marvel does to make herself feel empowered.

Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel

Giving the question all the attention it deserves, Larson has detailed five things you can do to empower yourself, and they’re pretty surprising. 

From wearing your pajamas at a karaoke bar, to staying home from a party you don’t want to go to, this is how Larson and her friends get their kicks. 

1. Try ‘relaxing karaoke’ 

“This is one that I just started exploring, that my friends and I have been calling ‘relaxing karaoke’ which consists of going to the spa, getting super relaxed, find a karaoke place and going in your pajamas.”

You’re probably thinking that this isn’t a typical karaoke bar scene, but for Larson things usually get a whole lot more chilled after that. 

“Just sing really soft songs. We have taken this further where we bring blankets, and sheet masks and a candle, and you just chill there. It’s a good vibe.”

We’re suddenly seeing karaoke in whole new way…

2. Be honest about why you’re not going to that party

We’ve all been there. You can’t be bothered to go out, but you can’t think of a good enough excuse to get out of plans. Larson’s advice? Don’t make an excuse, just tell the truth. 

“A lot of the time I feel like we make excuses about why we’re not going, we say we’re tired, we say that we don’t feel well. But you know, it feels really great to just say - ‘I don’t want to talk to anyone.’”

3. Raise your voice and / or slam your hands on a conference table 

We’ve all seen it done in films, and according to Larson this power move can work in and out of the office. 

“I recommend doing this even if you’re not in a meeting and you just happen to find a room with a table. It just feels right. It just feels like the thing we’re supposed to be doing. 

“I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve seen too many movies . But, just kind of day dream about that, about what it is you would say: ‘No, you’re wrong!’ Feels good.”

4. Do a photoshoot with friends 

No need to be shy: with a best friend behind the camera you can let your inner model shine and do it for the ‘gram. 

“You get to explore something that I’ve been calling ‘the best friend gaze.’ This is when someone who loves you is taking a picture of you, it’s your chance to explore your angles, explore your body, dance around. And if you don’t like it, just delete it.”

5. Shut down invasive drunk guys 

If there’s anyone who can bat off a pick up line, it’s a super hero like Larson. 

“It’s just a super simple thing and kind of redirects the power. I did it naturally one time, I was with a group of girls and a guy walked up and started explaining something to me. It felt very easy to just say, ‘why are you talking to us?’”

“My friends thought it was really funny, but now they’ve started doing the same thing because…why cares? Why is he talking to you? Bye. Next.”


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