From Kristen Bell’s magical find to Ariana Grande’s touching tribute: the week’s best A-list Instagrams

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Nicola Rachel Colyer

Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham reunite in New York, while Ariana Grande shouts out to her grandmother and Kaia Gerber channels the Nineties with her latest look.

Come dive into all the action right here.

  • Ariana Grande pays tribute to her grandmother

    happppppy birthday queen motha ! the epitome of style, grace, hilariousness and bad ass Italian grandmotherness. the toughest of cookies and an inspiration to all ! I'm SO GRATEFUL to be here with her to celebrate ! 92 neva looked so fly. 


  • Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham reunite in NYC

    So happy to be in NYC x Kisses x


  • Emily Ratajkowski dials up the volume

    Something special today with @inezandvinoodh 


  • Lady Gaga shines bright in the studio

    Nothing like studio therapy. Thank you @juicycouture for these awesome sparkly track shorts and comfy top. Had so much fun in the studio. Made me feel like a star  like the ones in the sky, you know..the real kind.


  • Kristen Bell throws it back

    ​​​​​​#tbt to the ultimate triple threat: a private purple punk.


  • ... before snapping a magical selfie

    This unicorn does not believe in humans.
    Tonight's #TheGoodPlace was written by the fabulous @thatandrewlaw tonight at 830!


  • Lily Collins takes a bite

    ​​​​​​#TBT too good to just sit in my phone! An apple a day in The Big Apple….


  • Kaia Gerber channels the 90s

  • Suki Waterhouse kicks back in LA

    I just got to la what's up


  • Lena Dunham reveals her new look

    Thank you @gregoryrussellhair for handling my pompadour and for the hot smurfjob. Love you mean it 


  • Rihanna joins the display

  • Gwyneth Paltrow shouts out to her daughter

    Everything I do in my life I do for this girl (and her brother). #internationaldayofthegirl


  • Mel B calls for us all to stand strong

    Don't let anyone EVER break your soul down disrespect you and laugh behind your back, stand strong on your own 2 feet like the goddess you are,there are people out there unfortunately that lie and would love to see you fail and will do anything in there power to make sure it happens, never give them the satisfaction of doing so, stay strong in your truth and stay real and passionate in your heart and soul, coz nothing NOTHING can break that inside you, that's you that's your strength god gave you, just hold your head up high breath and let karma do all the work, trust and believe she will!!! #stopdomesticviolence 
    #stopmentalabuse #stopgaslighting 


  • Emily Ratajkowski shares a message for “young girls”

    This culture of abuse, harassment and sexual expectation has to end now. I am tearful thinking of the decades of women who have been made to feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed by experiences that they had no responsibility in. The times are changing, and I applaud the extremely brave women who risked so much to be the first to speak out. Young girls of the world: wear what you want, pursue what you want, live life on your terms. Never let anyone make you feel guilty for it. You have no need to apologize or adapt. It's their problem, not yours. @badasscrossstitch


  • Mindy Kaling reveals the tricks of the trade

    Makeup masks at photo shoots are when I come alive


  • Kate Dennings gives us a fright



  • Alexa Chung caps it off

    Wide awake club.


  • Diane Von Furstenberg celebrates the International Day of the Girl

    Today is the International Day of the Girl... declared by the UN . We honor all girls who like Malala dare to go for their full potential! @malalafund @talitavon 


  • Rihanna keeps it casual



  • Victoria Beckham ticks off the morning essentials

    Velcro rollers ✔️ coffee ✔️ X VB