Busy Philipps has the best response for comments about her “terrible” skin

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Hollie Richardson
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Busy Phillips

Busy Philipps has no time for anyone who directly messages her abusive messages about her appearance. 

Actor, presenter and writer Busy Philipps is a huge hit on Instagram. With nearly two million followers, she is known for being frank and very funny. Phillipps also uses her large platform to speak out on issues such as abortion rights, rape, female friendships, feminism and fitness. This means that her community is mostly a positive place for women. 

But, yesterday (27 July), Philipps was subjected to trolling — and anyone who has a skin condition will relate. 

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A woman took the time to privately message Philipps calling her skin “terrible”. But Philipps had to best response to the comment. 

“Some woman wrote a mean post to me about how she’s got to ‘keep it real’ and needed to let me know that it’s ironic that I have an Olay commercial cause my skin is terrible,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories.

‘TBH, my skin is fucking amazing and always has been and I’ve yet to inject Botox or filler into it and I’m 40,” she added.

Philips then hit the nail on the head with a strong message for trolls, calling out the reality of why they deliver unsolicited abusive comments in people’s inboxes. 

She added: “Also FYI you never need to ‘keep it real’ for me cause that’s mostly just code for ‘I need to say some mean shit to you under the guide of keeping it real’ and I’m not here for mean shit.”

Whether Philipps has a skin condition or not is irrelevant (although, she does have the dewiest Californian glow ever, right?). It’s just not OK to negatively comment on a stranger’s appearance if they’ve not asked for your opinion. 

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Philipps isn’t here for mean shit, and neither are we. 

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