Stylist Live Luxe 2019: 5 reasons you absolutely have to see Bryony Gordon at this year’s event

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Bryony Gordon will be joining us at this year’s Stylist Live Luxe. Here are just five of the many reasons we can’t wait. 

Author, activist and Stylist Remarkable Women Awards winner Bryony Gordon is an incredible woman. With dazzling wit and palpable charisma, as well as the most extraordinary story of strength and resilience, the word excited doesn’t quite cover our feelings about her joining us for this year’s Stylist Live Luxe.

This November, she’ll be sharing with us (and you!) all of the life lessons she wishes she could tell her younger self, which we’re sure will prove to be an enlightening and hilarious discussion. 

If you need more convincing of our undisputable love for this legend, here are five things we adore about her, which also serve as reasons why you should come along to the most empowering event of the year to see her speak:

  • 1. She's an excellent journalist

    She began her career interning for the Daily Express, then began writing a youth-oriented column for the Sunday Express, before writing for the Daily Telegraph

    In 2001, Gordon joined the Daily Mirror gossip column known as The 3AM Girls. After the Mirror, Gordon resumed writing for The Daily Telegraph. Then, in 2007 Bryony was shortlisted for Young Journalist of the year at the British Press Awards. Talk about one hell of a CV.

  • 2. Her unflinching honesty

    Her honesty and openness about her own struggles is refreshing and courageous. In 2016 Gordon published her second book Mad Girl, a memoir about her struggles with OCD, bulimia, alopecia and drug dependency. 

    Her ability to add levels of self-deprecating humour to a topic that is so prevalent with extreme sadness and anguish is the sign of not only an incredible writer, but a strong human. 

  • 3. Her fearlessness is inspiring

    Gordon has taken something that most people find terrifying, running around in her underwear, and stamped a big ‘who cares’ over it. She’s discussed her personal experiences and thoughts on subjects like mental health and eating disorders with the world, holding them up to the light when so many of us would want to bury them. 

    Ultimately she is fearless, and teaches us to do the same. She empowers us to embrace our past and instead of feeling guilty about it, learn from it. 

  • 4. She is enduringly relatable

    In the depths of struggles with mental illness, it can feel like no one else in the world can understand what you’re going through. But Gordon’s persistent efforts to stay approachable and relatable help break down this taboo, and encourage open conversation. 

  • 5. She's incredibly down to earth.

    Gordon promotes getting out there and having fun whatever your body shape, because fun isn’t reserved for those under a certain size or that are beautiful only by society’s restrictive standards. 

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