Cardi B gets frank as she explains why she decided against an abortion

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NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 10: Cardi B visits Music Choice at Music Choice on April 10, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Cardi B has said that she did consider a termination when she learned about her unplanned pregnancy – but hated the idea that society was forcing her to choose between her career and a baby.

More women than ever are choosing to not have children and yet, unlike men, many child-free women find themselves under a harsh spotlight, often being grilled by friends and strangers alike with deeply personal questions about their reproductive choices. And, thanks to books and films, we are constantly reminded of the fairy tale we all ought to be signing up to: get married, have a baby, live happily ever after.

But what if a baby isn’t part of your plans? What if, when you glance at those two pink lines in your pregnancy test, you aren’t immediately filled with that profound sense of joy we’re told we definitely should be feeling? Well, then there’s something wrong with you, apparently. Sorry.

Which is why it’s so refreshing that Cardi B – who is pregnant with her and fiancé Offset’s first child – has shared her initial reaction to her own positive pregnancy test.

Sitting down for a chat on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this week, she admitted that her ‘bundle of joy’ wasn’t exactly planned.

“It was just one night,” she said. “It was a good night. It had to be that night.”

The rapper went on to explain that she “kinda sort of” considered terminating her pregnancy when she first found out about it.

“[But] I just didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing,” she added. “I just didn’t want to.”

Of course, Cardi B famously decided to keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as possible, shutting down rumours as they began to swirl around the internet.

In fact, back in February, she told one Instagram commenter: “No bitch I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.”

Finally, she decided to unveil her news – via a tight white dress, a visible baby bump and a rousing cry of “I’m finally free!” – during a performance on Saturday Night Live.

However, while many were quick to congratulate the musician on her news, there were equally those who pressed their own opinions on Cardi B.

“It just really bothers me and it disgusts me because I see a lot of women online like ‘I feel sorry for you. your career is over’ and it’s like why can’t I have both?” she explained during the show.

“Why do I gotta choose a career or a baby? Why can’t I have both. I want both.”

She added: “You know what? I’m a grown woman, I’m 25 years old, I’m a schmillionaire and I’m prepared for this.”

Cardi B also acknowledged that, whilst reflecting on whether or not she was ready for a child, she came to the decision that – for her, and her alone – having them earlier in her life was 100% the right decision.

“I don’t want to wait until I’m thirty-something to have a kid,” she explained.

“I want my kid now that I have energy and stuff.”

According to TMZ, Cardi B is due to welcome her first child in July – and she will still be performing at this weekend’s Coachella festival.

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