Carrie's signature grimaces

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Anna Pollitt
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This evening is the finale of this series of Homeland, and with it we're expecting a superabundance of Carrie angst. Few actors can convey sheer emotion quite like Claire Danes, so here we pay homage to her startlingly expressive face with Carrie Mathison's top 10 looks.

  • Desperate

    The look that says she's just one well-placed listening device away from catching a terrorist. Or that the FBI are preparing her P45. Again.

  • Angry

    "I slept with a terror suspect while my colleagues listened in... for this?!"

  • P*ssed off

    She warned everyone and no-one listened. Years spent learning Arabic, wasted.

  • Defiant

    "You pulled down my colour-coded wall chart Saul and I cannot look at you."

  • Incredulous

    Having an affair with the boss does NOT affect her ability to do her job.

  • Panic

    Eyes. About. To. Explode.

  • Determined

    "You can detonate a bomb and kill my operatives, but my mission will not be compromised. Dammit."

  • Emotional

    Very emotional.

  • Distraught

    Furrowed brow, intense eyes, trembling chin, stretched lower lip - aka pulling out all the stops.

  • Sad

    "Powersuits, what will become of my powersuits?"


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