Charlize Theron to play Megyn Kelly in #MeToo movie about Fox News

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Susan Devaney

Actress Charlize Theron is set to play former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in a film about the sexual harassment allegations surrounding the network’s former chairman, Roger Ailes. 

From calling out Donald Trump on his sexism or sharing her own #MeToo story from the time when she worked at Fox News, Megyn Kelly has gained international recognition as a news anchor for her no-nonsense approach.

So who better to play her in a movie than critically acclaimed actress Charlize Theron? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Theron is set to play Kelly in a film about the sexual harassment allegations made against Fox News’ late chairman, Roger Ailes.

The untitled film – scripted by The Big Short screenwriter – focuses on the women at the network who came forward with their #MeToo stories as multiple lawsuits were filed against the former CEO. 

Kelly rose up the ranks of Fox News from legal contributor to host of the popular series The Kelly File

Gretchen Carlson, another former Fox News anchor also claimed she was sexually harassed by Ailes in a lawsuit. Ailes denies Carlson’s allegations, but an out-of-court lawsuit was settled for a reported $20 million (£15 million).

Ailes died one year ago at age 77, about nine months after his resignation from the broadcaster.

Kelly, one of the network’s biggest stars and a former lawyer, left the broadcaster for NBC News in January 2017. In her memoir, Settle For More, published in 2016, Kelly accused Ailes of sexually harassing her during her tenure at the network.

The film has been in the works since before Ailes’ death, according to Deadline.

The untitled film does not currently have a release date.

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