Chrissy Teigen has hilariously leaked her own private texts to John Legend

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Kayleigh Dray
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Chrissy Teigen has earned our love and respect a million times over with her “no filter” approach to social media, and we’re not referring to the Instagram variety.

Unlike so many other A-listers, she doesn’t have a PR sat by her side to carefully monitor each and every single one of her posts. Instead, she keeps it pretty honest and usually full of her dry sense of humour, too.

Now the model has taken it upon herself to ‘leak’ one of her own private text conversations for nothing more than the amusement of the internet.

The chat is with her husband, musician John Legend – or, as she calls him, ‘Johnny’ – although, to be fair, calling it a ‘chat’ is something of an over-statement, being as Legend doesn’t reply to her many messages.

Ah, mouth-guard issues. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Whether your bathroom is big enough to call ‘sides’ or not (spoiler: ours is not), to anyone in a long-term relationship there’s something familiar about the messages and her ability to happily converse with herself.

Teigen captioned the screenshot with a simple “10 years in”, reminding us that she and Legend have been together since she was “pre-veneers” and gently poking fun at the comfortable domestic inanities most couples who have been together for over a decade end up exchanging.

It’s exactly this type of banal yet somehow sweet insight into their relationship that the couple’s fans adore, and would probably call #relationshipgoals on, were it not for Teigen really, really disliking the phrase.

Earlier this year, she shared a Snapchat video of Legend attempting to untangle her necklaces after a night of drunken partying at the Grammy Awards.

It was just 50 seconds long, but fans immediately lost it, raining down praise upon the couple for being so ‘inspirational’.

Teigen was having none of it.

For those who aren’t down with their acronyms, “jfc” means, of course, “Jesus f***ing Christ”.

Never change, Teigen.

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