Chrissy Teigen really wants you to stop sending her baby photos, OK?

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We’re not opposed to the occasional cute baby photo (as you may have gathered from trawling our digital archive). But there does come a point when, after scrolling through your Facebook feed for hours on end, you’ve had enough of all those button noses, chubby cheeks and teeny-weeny fingers and toes.

So imagine how it must feel to be Chrissy Teigen, who doesn’t just have the little ones in her own social media feed to look at, or even those of friends and family. Oh no: people are actively sending her snapshots of babies. Specifically, babies that look like Teigen’s husband, John Legend.

And she’s had enough, quite frankly.

Taking to Twitter, the famously #nofilters star sent a request rocketing across the digital stratosphere.

“For the LAST TIME,” she wrote (and, yes, the caps are her all own), “JOHN looks like a baby so A LOT OF BABIES LOOK LIKE HIM.”

Her frustration is just palpable, isn’t it? Then again, we’ve no doubt that we’d be more than a little emotionally exhausted if people kept up a steady stream of babies that all look the same (while occasionally implying that our husband was secretly a baby-daddy to hundreds of children).

Teigen finished her post by saying/screaming, “STOP SENDING ME JOHN BABIES”.

Of course, none of this really makes sense unless you’ve seen the viral #JohnLegendBaby photos that have been circulating online.

Here are just a few:

And what’s that? You’d love at least one Teigen GIF that perfectly sums up her feelings on the matter? Wish granted:

Of course, plenty of people have their own theories as to why so many babies out there look like Legend.

Legend’s favourite, however, is this one:

Teigen, of course, is mother to her very own #JohnLegendBaby: the couple are parents to one-year-old daughter, Luna.

From post-natal depression to IVF, Teigen has always been frank about her parenting struggles – and she was praised by fans when she sat down on daytime TV show FABLife to nail the big problem with people asking friends and family when they’re going to have a child.

“It's crazy because I can't imagine being that nosy to be like ‘So, when are the kids coming?’ because who knows what somebody is going through. Who knows if somebody is struggling to have children?” said Teigen.

“So, anytime somebody asks me if I'm going to have kids, I'm like, ‘One day, you're going to ask that to the wrong girl who's really struggling and it's going to be really hurtful to them’. And I hate that. I hate it. Stop asking me.”

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