Chrissy Teigen watching Channel 4’s Naked Attraction for the first time is all of us

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Chrissy Teigen’s is a bit of a renegade when it comes to social media, opting for all things unfiltered over the usual #perfect A-list approach.

From leaking her own private text messages in the name of comedy and celebrating stretchmarks, to rejecting that annoying #relationshipgoals hashtag, the model doesn’t have a PR sat by her side to carefully monitor each and every single one of her posts. Instead, she keeps things honest, dry and hilarious AF (which is how she wound up getting blocked by President Donald Trump).

So it makes sense that when the model stumbled across Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, she decided to live-tweet the action for the amusement of the internet.

Naked Attraction, for those of you who have yet to stumble across it during a reality TV binge-watching session, sees one clothed person enter an empty studio filled with six pods. Inside each pod is a naked person.

All six people’s bodies and (later) faces are revealed in stages from the feet up – and, after each body part is revealed, the clothed person is asked to reflect upon what they’ve seen and eliminate someone based on their ‘naked attraction’.

By the end of the show, two naked people will remain, the clothed contestant will shed their own clothes, a match will be made and a (clothed) date will ensue.

In short, there’s a lot of full-frontal nudity and musings about genitalia. And the show is a UK creation, which meant that it took Teigen by surprise, to say the least, when she accidentally clicked onto it during a channel-hopping marathon.

“Uh, there is something called Naked Attraction on here in London,” she tweeted, her bemusement palpable. “And WHAT TF IS THIS?!”

Summing the show up far more succinctly than we just did, she added: “It’s dating based on genitals.

“Like, I’m seeing [penises].”

Teigen kept her 7.2 million followers thoroughly in the loop as she settled down to watch it from her luxe hotel room.

“Oh my god,” she wrote at one point, “They are just looking at genitalia.

“It’s zooming in on penis and balls!”

And then, musing – as we have so often done in the past – about what her own experience on the show might be like, she added: “I would die if I were the first person eliminated based on genitals.”

Despite her initial misgivings, though, Teigen soon found herself hooked on the show. Which meant that she was forced to dive for the remote control as quickly as possible when room service unexpectedly showed up halfway through.

Sharing a video of herself ever-so-casually flicking over to another channel, Teigen wrote: “I had to pretend to be watching tennis.”

Naturally, her fans absolutely loved her review of the show – and her tweets went down an absolute storm on social media.

Others, though, were quick to remind her that shows like Naked Attraction is just one of the perks of living in the UK.

Fingers crossed that Teigen checks out some of Channel 4’s other gems on 4OD. We recommend she gives Secret Life of the Human Pups a go next…

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