Christina Aguilera’s latest Instagram post carries a powerful message about mental health in lockdown

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Christina Aguilera

Singer and performer Christina Aguilera is challenging her fans to share photos of their diary entries in lockdown to encourage people to talk about their experiences during this challenging time.

Christina Aguilera has repeatedly shown she isn’t afraid to speak her truth.

Whether she’s challenging the idea of what a “normal” family looks like or encouraging others to own their career successes, you can always count on Aguilera to inspire change and challenge the status quo.

And even in lockdown, it seems Aguilera is keen to inspire her fans yet again. Taking to Instagram to launch her new project #diarydares, Aguilera encouraged her friends and fans to share pictures of a diary entry they’ve written during lockdown, posting a picture of her diary to start off the challenge.

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“Today I’m starting #DiaryDares,” she wrote. “Especially at this time, it’s essential to dig deep, listen to ourselves and create a ‘safe space’ for one another… to share our current or past experiences (hardships or highlights), reflect on who we want to be, how we wish to live when we come out of this, and what we want to leave behind.”

Explaining what keeping a diary meant to her, Aguilera went on to highlight the importance of sharing how we’re feeling during this uncertain time – especially when it comes to our mental health. 

“With #DiaryDares, I am sharing with you some of my diaries and challenging all you guys, my friends and fam… to post a diary entry from this time,” she continued, tagging a host of famous names including Lizzo, Alicia Keys and Demi Lovato. “Let’s archive this time in history and establish a safe place to express, reflect and share together.

“I dare us to be real, fearless, take away the filters and be comfortable enough in our own individual beauty. I dare us to come together and share our feelings in a time that is uncertain – whether we may feel scared, lonely and everything in between. I dare us to read each other’s truths and support them. Lift each other up. I hope you join me. It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and this kind of sharing is so important and cathartic. And we will feel better and be stronger because of it.”

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The post, which is compiled of four photos of Aguilera’s diary, gives fans a snapshot into the singer’s mind on 1 May. Among the muddle of pictures and quotes which make up her diary (seriously, that thing looks incredible), Aguilera reflects on her ever changing emotions in lockdown – an experience many of us have faced during this strange time.

“Every day comes to hold a different mood,” she begins. “A different energy… a different perspective. It’s very interesting… staying in one place… getting the freedom to feel out what to do with your time… your days…”

She continues: “Having your own thoughts – outside of the usual intrusion of others… the noise of opinions that can sway, imitate and potentially morph into your own. Suddenly, it stops – and it’s all you needed, this time.”

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera is encouraging fans to share photos of the diary entries they've written during lockdown.

This isn’t the first time Aguilera has shared private moments with her fans. In an Instagram post from January, Aguilera shared a photo of her alongside her son and ex-husband, Jordan Bratman celebrating her son’s birthday, reminding fans that there’s no such thing as a “normal” family and celebrating the beauty of “blended families”.

In such an uncertain and difficult time, it’s incredible to see such a well-known figure like Aguilera speak so openly about how she’s coping. Besides the fact that she’s documenting an experience many people will relate to, her post also provides us all with a chance to reflect on how we’re really feeling at the moment.

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By challenging the status quo and giving her fans space to explore sometimes difficult and challenging emotions, she’s changing the world one Instagram post at a time.  

One thing’s for sure: no matter what she’s putting out into the world, Aguilera’s authenticity and honesty is incredibly inspiring.

Keep doing you Christina!

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