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What She Loves: Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo shares her current obsessions, from Zadie Smith to raspberry gin

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What She Loves is a regular series where women we love tell us what *they* love. This week, BBC Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo shares her favourite things…

In a year that might best be described as not having gone quite to plan, Clara Amfo is flying higher than ever.

The Hackney-based DJ, TV presenter and Magnum ambassador is a firm fixture on the airwaves with her mid-morning show on BBC Radio 1, and recently triumphed in the best radio show category at the Music Week Awards. She’s also captured the public’s imagination with This City – her podcast exploring London through conversations with famous faces such as Dina Asher-Smith and Louis Theroux.

An outspoken voice on issues ranging from diversity in advertising campaigns to the representation of natural hair, Amfo became one of the most prominent British figures championing the Black Lives Matter movement this summer when she made a powerful speech on racism during her Radio 1 show. And this autumn, we’ll see even more of her when she takes to the dancefloor as a contestant on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Below, Amfo shares her current obsessions with Stylist

  • Colourworks Assorted Electric Drinks Frother

    “I call it my coffee whizzer thing but have since learned it’s called a milk frother. It’s bright green and I got it for a fiver in Flying Tiger – side note, why do we always leave that shop with stuff we didn’t know we needed?! [Ed: Flying Tiger doesn’t have a UK online shop, but this is a similar model.] I love coffee, I don’t have a fancy machine. All I require is my kettle and frother for my homemade oat milk latte and I’m good to go!”

    Shop Colourworks Electric Drinks Frother, £6, Jarrold

  • Magnum Ruby Ice Cream

    “Recently I have been loving Magnum Ruby ice cream. It’s made with ruby chocolate – the fourth type of chocolate, after dark, milk and white – and is just so delicious!”

    Shop Magnum Ruby Ice Cream at Sainsbury’s, £2

  • Intimations: Six Essays by Zadie Smith

    “I read Intimations by Zadie Smith recently and it was exactly the collection of thoughts I needed to read right now, we all do TBH. She just gets it.”

    Shop Intimations: Six Essays by Zadie Smith (Penguin) at Foyles, £5.99

  • StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

    “During lockdown I was doing a lot of online and telly jobs from home, which meant having to up my make-up skills. I got one of those StylePro brush cleaners and it’s been a godsend. I know a lot of people who find cleaning their brushes in the traditional way therapeutic but I’m impatient, so I love this efficiency of this tool.”

    Shop StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer at Boots, £29.99

  • Who? Weekly

    “I love a podcast called Who? Weekly that just laughs at the absurdity and mechanics of celebrity. It genuinely makes me laugh out loud every time, I look forward to it as I would any TV show. 

    I’m also obsessed with Dissect, which is a great listen that explores the backstories of famous albums song by song. They did a season on Beyoncé’s Lemonade and it was brilliant.”

Clara Amfo has joined forces with Magnum and singer-songwriter Halsey for its #TrueToPleasure campaign. Find out more about the #TrueToPleasure campaign, and view the film and stills on Magnum’s website and Instagram channel.

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