Feeling the pressure to keep busy this weekend? Read Matt Haig’s reassuring words

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Matt Haig

Anyone who is currently feeling the pressure to “make the most out of quaratine time” should read Matt Haig’s important tweet.

Nobody wants to be stuck inside, especially on a weekend, but that’s exactly what we have to do to protect the NHS and help save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to help pass the time, from giving the house an eco-friendly deep clean to taking online pasta-making classes and playing a board game with your housemate or partner. And we’ve all seen the tweets about how now is the perfect opportunity to “finally learn that new language” or “finish that 1000-page book collecting dust on your bookshelf”.

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These are great ideas for people who feel up to getting creative and need to occupy their minds.

But, with tensions being so high at the moment, it’s easy to feel almost paralysed with anxiety and fear. Some find it hard to concentrate or escape into films and books. And the added pressure to “do something productive” with this isolation period only intensifies any negative emotions.

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It is of course so important to manage your mental health at this time (we have lots of tips and advice here). But it’s also vital to know that there is nothing wrong with doing… well, nothing.

That’s why Matt Haig’s tweet about small achievements will relate to so many people.

Reasons To Stay Alive author and mental health advocate Haig shared a message on Friday (27 March), saying: “The current era is crap enough without having to feel guilt that we aren’t learning Greek and painting watercolours of daffodils. If you brushed your teeth today and got showered and ate something and spent ten minutes not looking at the news then well done it’s an achievement.”

And he’s totally right. The biggest thing you can do isn’t taking up a hobby or starting a new project – it’s simply to be kind to yourself. 

Mind has created a brilliant guide for looking after you mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic. Read it here. 

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