Coronavirus: We want you to tell us your story about life during Covid-19

Never in our lifetimes have we collectively experienced something in this way.

From London to Lisbon, Sydney to Seoul, women all over the world are currently confined within their four small walls as Covid-19 wreaks havoc on our planet

Yet despite the way our lives have shrunk over the past weeks and months, there is an incredible feeling of connection with other women all over the world

Never in our lifetimes have we collectively experienced something in this way. And though the effects of the virus continue to be devastating, one thing we can grab hold of during all this is watching women everywhere come together to generously offer their support, their skills, their companionship and their humour.

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We are going to celebrate this spirit of togetherness in a special issue of Stylist

We want to hear from our sisters all over the globe about how your life has changed since Covid-19. It could be a superficial change – perhaps your approach to getting dressed will never be the same again or you’ve rediscovered your love for cookbooks. 

It could be an emotional change – personally, the gratitude I now have for the tiniest of things has shown me I was striving for the wrong things all along. 

Or it could be earth-shattering – the people you’ve lost, the impact on your own health, the loss of the things that make you, you. 

Your story is yours to tell, we just want you to share it.

If you live outside of the UK and would like to write (or be interviewed) for Stylist about How your world has changed since Covid-19 for our special issue please email with the following:

  1. A selfie
  2. A short paragraph on how your world has changed since Covid-19
  3. Where you’re from
  4. Your age

We will be in touch with everyone who submits their story, however please be advised that we won’t be able to feature every single one in Stylist.

If you’re a Stylist reader from within the UK, please share this with your international friends! We’d love to include as many women from all over the world as possible.

We can’t wait to hear from you,


Editor, Stylist 


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