Cynthia Nixon confirms she’s running for governor in brilliant video

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Cynthia Nixon just confirmed that she is stepping into the political arena – and, naturally, this famous Sex and the City quote has since gone viral on Twitter…

It’s official: Cynthia Nixon – who shot to fame as Miranda Hobbs in HBO’s Sex and the City – is running for governor.

Nixon made her announcement via Twitter, in a video that described the New York that she knew from her own childhood and hinted at the themes her campaign will focus on.

“I was given chances that I just don’t see for most of New York’s kids today,” she says over a shot of her walking her son, Max, to school.

“Our leaders are letting us down. We are now the most unequal state in the entire country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty.”

Nixon – hoping to appeal to New York commuters and parents who send their children to public schools – then goes on to list just a few things that she says the government needs to act upon, including health care, overcrowded subways, school funding and mass incarceration.

“We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us,” she says determinedly.

Nixon’s campaign website, tagged as #CUOMOSMTA, adds: “Governor Cuomo has been focused on making superficial, cosmetic changes rather than fixing the real problems.

“He has completely neglected the non-glamorous infrastructure work that actually keeps the subway functioning… Governor Cuomo even proposed spending hundreds of millions of dollars on an LED light show on the bridges to attract tourists, while below ground, native New Yorkers are trapped in packed, sweaty train cars.”

The site continues: “”Cuomo also wants to increase the number of privately-run charter schools in New York City by more than 50 percent. And he has been a loud proponent of private school tax credits, essentially a backdoor voucher system. These are policies we expect from Betsy DeVos, but from Andrew Cuomo?”

Naturally, many on Twitter have reacted positively to Nixon’s campaign, praising the former actress for vowing to empower NYC’s people and infrastructure.

And many of them chose to throw their support behind Nixon in the only way they knew how: via a series of excellent ‘I couldn’t help but wonder…’ memes from Sex and the City.

However, there were (of course) those who preferred to focus on Nixon herself, as opposed to the character she once portrayed on screen.

It’s worth noting that, if Nixon is elected, she will be both the first female governor of New York, as well as the first openly gay governor of the state, per The New York Times.

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