Davina McCall reveals the 8 hard truths she lives her life by

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Davina McCall is one of the UK’s most loved TV personalities, with the 49-year-old first flexing her presenting muscles on MTV Europe back in 1992. Since then, she has appeared almost constantly on our screens, working on shows such as Big Brother, This Morning, The Jump, Long Lost Family, and The Nightly Show.

However, despite her hugely successful career and positively infectious enthusiasm for life, McCall has – like so many of us – experienced tragedies and difficulties behind closed doors. She has spoken honestly about her fraught relationship with her late mother (“I felt she’d done something to betray me or hurt me”) and how it led her to seek solace in drugs: in fact, she recently opened up about overcoming a long-term heroin addiction when she was younger.

So, when the presenter decided to share the eight hard truths she lives her life by, it’s unsurprising that so many people decided to sit up and pay attention.

Mixing good advice with unavoidable facts of life, the list begins, quite simply, with the words: “Everyone you love is going to die.”

McCall’s hard truths go on to include relationship tips (“the perfect partner doesn’t exist”) and guidelines on when it’s appropriate to sweat the small stuff.

And her final words of advice?

“Figure out a way, or don’t complain.”

McCall captioned her no-nonsense list: “This is all so true.”

It is not the first time that McCall has shared her life advice with the world: the presenter actually penned a book titled Lessons I’ve Learned (with the strapline ‘I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to’) in September 2016, in which she opened up about everything from coping with the death of her beloved sister, Caroline, to living with her husband’s infuriating habits.

Speaking to the Mail Online about her book, McCall said: “I really believe that I am a work in progress, I feel as though I am learning every day. I learn from every situation, every person I meet.

“Sometimes I am unwilling at the time to see it… maybe the lesson hurt or embarrassed me and it’s only with hindsight I can feel how much it taught me. At other times I am desperate to learn – I may be stuck in some emotional rut or a parenting quandary or a self-esteem collapse and turn to others for help.”

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