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Deborah Frances-White talks about The New Normal on the Working from Home with Stylist podcast

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This week’s episode of Working from Home with Stylist is available to download and listen to now. 

Week nine of Stylist’s podcast – Working from Home with Stylist – is here and this week the team are talking about homes and cars of the future, how to avoid burnout whilst working from home and lots of lovely alfresco food ideas. Editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski and editor-at-large Alix Walker are joined by The Guilty Feminist creator Deborah Frances-White, Futurologist Kathryn Bishop and cook and food writer Georgina Hayden

Kicking of with Deborah Frances-White, she talks to editor-at-large Alix about working from home, what she’s feeling and how she’s coped with lockdown. “Human beings are programmed to find silver linings, that’s what we do,” she began. 

“We’re coping machines…We adapt, we cope, we change, we find what’s good about the situation. What can I make of this? What can I do with this? That silver lining for me is the period of restoration for my body and my mind and my soul. And nothing else would’ve stopped me.”

Talking about her new podcast The New Normal, she said: “I needed to talk about it, and I need to create a space and a show for Guilty Feminists to talk about it. So I came up with some questions about life and feminism in lockdown and then booked in some friends of the podcast and said, ‘come and tell us about your life in lockdown, and how we’re going to do feminism in here’.”

Scroll down to listen to the rest of Deborah Frances-White’s conversation with Alix, touching on humour in dark moments, dancing and charitable donations. 

Also in the podcast this week, Kathryn Bishop talks about the future of office spaces and Georgina Hayden talks about (delicious) alfresco food.

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Here you can find the links to all the content we discuss in this week’s podcast. 

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Lockdown burnout

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And Deborah Frances-White’s podcast The New Normal can be heard here. 

Eating, shopping, doing

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