Donald Trump cruelly mocks Christine Blasey Ford after Brett Kavanaugh testimony

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Susan Devaney
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Donald Trump attempted to imitate Ford, who recently testified that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her. 

In recent weeks, for many women everywhere Dr Christine Blasey Ford has been seen as incredibly courageous as she’s taken to the stand to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Ford alleges that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a house party in the early Eighties, when they were both teenagers. When she learned of Trump’s intention to promote Kavanaugh to the highest court in America, Ford came forward.

But, for President Donald Trump, that’s reason to mock her.

During a campaign rally in Mississippi on Tuesday 2 October, Trump attempted to imitate Ford to a crowd.

“How did you get home?” Trump said, referencing a question Ford was asked by the committee. “I don’t remember,” Trump said.

“How did you get there? ‘I don’t remember.’ Where is the place? ‘I don’t remember.’ How many years ago was it? ‘I don’t know.’ What neighbourhood was it? ‘I don’t know.’ Where’s the house? ‘I don’t know.’”

Continuning to mimick her, he said: “But I had one beer - that’s the only thing I remember.”

Donald Trump attempted to imitate Ford, who recently testified that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her     

But last week he called Ford a “very credible witness” and said: “I thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me, very fine woman.”

Trump then ordered an investigation into Ford’s and three other women’s claims against Kavanaugh.

Trump concluded: “They destroy people, these are really evil people.”

Ford’s lawyer, Michael Bromwich, has since taken to Twitter to condemn Trump, calling his attack “vicious, vile and soulless”.

“Is it any wonder that she was terrified to come forward, and that other sexual assault survivors are as well?” Bromwich tweeted.

“She is a remarkable profile in courage. He is a profile in cowardice.”

Kavanaugh denies all allegations made against him.

You can read more on the case here.

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