Watch Melania Trump refuse to let Donald direct her at inauguration event

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In less than 24 hours, Donald Trump and his wife Melania will become the President and the First Lady of the United States of America.

And, speaking at a pre-inauguration event at Trump Hotel in Washington DC, the reality star made sure to thank Melania for her support throughout his election campaign.

“[She’s] put up with so much with all the fake news,” he told Republicans in the audience. “Fake news, that’s what it is.”

He then turned to his wife and asked her to step up and say a few words of her own.

The Slovenian-born model – who is set to become First lady in less than 24 hours – made no secret about the fact that she didn’t want to speak.

Looking aghast at her 70-year-old husband’s suggestion, she shook her head at him. 

However, the President-elect insisted and Melania approached the lectern.

“It’s great to be here and thank you for all of your support,” she said.

“Tomorrow we start the work. Ahead [there is] a lot of responsibility, a lot to take care of.

“We will make America great again.”

Her speech lasted less than a minute, and it ended with a perfunctory kiss from Trump.

But, as Melania swept from the stage, her husband motioned for her to sit on the front row and watch the rest of his address – a request which she decided to ignore.

“I guess she didn’t want to sit with you, Phil,” joked Trump awkwardly, as his wife walked past the vacant seat. “Honey, sit right here…”

However Melania continued to walk past the stage, through the group of family and staff to the side, and out of sight.

“Oh, right,” said Trump, watching the future FLOTUS make her exit.

Then, recovering himself, he joked: “She believes in barriers, we don’t.”

Meanwhile Natalie Portman – who brings famous First Lady Jackie Kennedy to life in her award-winning new film, Jackie – has said that she hopes Melania will help to defend the rights of immigrants when she rises to the role of FLOTUS.

“I don’t really know anything about her,” she told The Guardian, “but I would hope that she would take Jackie’s example in being a proponent for a cause that she cares about, whether it’s women’s rights or immigrants’ rights, as a female immigrant herself.”

Trump’s inauguration ceremony will begin at 9.30am (2.30pm GMT) at the US Capitol Building, with the official ceremony happening at noon (5pm GMT).


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