These tweets about the Trump family Christmas card are just perfect

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The US president is asking people to sign a Christmas card to his family – and the responses are as acerbic as you’d hope.

Christmas is a time for good will to all men (and women, obviously), so you can almost forgive Donald Trump for thinking the internet would shower him with warm wishes at this most festive time of year.


The president has certainly had a controversial first year in office, to say the least. Just weeks after his inauguration, he reinstated a global gag order that bans US-funded groups from even discussing (let alone providing) abortions. In February, he enforced a sexist dress code upon his female staff. Then there’s the not-so-little matter of his countless on-record misogynistic remarks, and his administration’s efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

Then there’s the fact that he used the terrorist attacks in London as a reason to plug his proposal for a travel ban halting refugees from entering the USA, as well as immigrants from seven “majority-Muslim countries,” including Syria, Somalia and Iran. And his violent and sweeping rhetoric on “radical Islam”. And his refusal to comment on gun control laws, even in the light of the Las Vegas massacre. And the multiple women who have reasserted their sexual misconduct allegations against him. And his vile, derogatory and sexist tweet about Democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Trump, though, seemingly has been hoping that all of that Christmas spirit lingering in the air would change the public’s opinions of him. With this in mind, US citizens were recently urged to visit Once there, they were prompted to “wish President Trump, First Lady Melania, and the rest of the First Family a Merry Christmas!

“Sign the card and leave your personal note.”

It’s certainly a twist on the usual tradition, isn’t it? For years, we’ve all been sending out Christmas cards like absolute chumps, when we should have, in fact, been demanding Christmas cards from everyone else (like absolute trumps).

Of course, some Trump supporters took this in the spirit it was intended, with one writing: “Merry Christmas, sir, and god bless America.”

Others thanked the president for what they referred to as “all of his hard work” – and admitted that they were looking forward to what 2018 would look like with him in the White House.

Some, though, decided to take a different approach: instead of writing a simple “Merry Christmas” in the box provided, they took the opportunity to air their feelings about the POTUS.

And it makes for interesting reading.

Check it out:

We await Trump’s official response to this online firestorm with bated breath. After all, it can surely only be a matter of time before he takes to Twitter and unleashes hell upon all those “nasty” people and their not-so-festive messages…

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