Duffy shares new music with people in isolation – and it’s something beautiful

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Singer Duffy has shared her first record in a decade, and it’s set to “lift spirits” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, Duffy shared a brave personal statement that shocked fans. She revealed that, at some point over the last decade, she had been “raped, drugged and kept captive over some days”. 

This awful and traumatic experience is the reason why the singer seemed to disappear from the public eye in 2010.

In the statement, Duffy went on to explain that after “thousands and thousands of days committed to wanting to feel the sunshine in my heart again” she feels “the sun does now shine”.

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She also said that she will talk more about what happened when she is ready to. 

Understandably, that time is not now. 

But Duffy has just shared something else with fans, and it’s equally powerful – just in a different way.

The artist emailed radio host Jo Wiley on Thursday (19 March) to share a new song to be played to people currently in isolation. Wiley read out the email on air, which Duffy later shared on her Instagram page.

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Duffy wrote: “Hi Jo (Whiley), Hope you are well and keeping safe. Wanted to send you this to play on the radio, if you want. You may have read the words I wrote a few weeks back, I do feel freer.

“Tried to follow up with a spoken interview, but it’s harder than I thought, I will follow up in writing soon. Universal Music and no one knows I am doing this. They won’t be mad, they are lovely people.”

She continued: “So here’s a song… here’s Something Beautiful. It’s just something for you to play people on radio during these troubling times, if you like the song of course. If it lifts spirits.

“I don’t plan to release it, I just thought a little something might be nice for people if they are at home, on lockdown.

“Duffy x.”

You can listen to Duffy’ Something Beautiful by playing Jo Wiley’s show on BBC Sounds (skip to one hour 55 minutes).

Oh how we’ve missed Duffy’s soulful voice and retro sounds. Although she doesn’t plan on releasing the song, it’s not known if she will be sharing it on another platform.

What we do know is that it really is something beautiful to listen to right now. 

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