Watch Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres exploit their “celebrity status”

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Moya Crockett
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In case you hadn’t notice, Britney’s back.

America’s erstwhile sweetheart has been popping up all over the place in recent weeks. And after her stint doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, it was only a matter of time before she went to hang out with another chat show icon: Ellen DeGeneres.

The duo have more in common that one might initially think. They’re both blonde and tanned. They’re both from Louisiana. And, if this new video is anything to go by, they both love a good prank.

“I believe that you are a huge celebrity,” DeGeneres tells Spears in the video, as the pair arrive at a shopping mall in Sherman Oaks, California. “You need to take advantage of your celebrity.”

What does taking advantage of one’s celebrity consist of? If this video’s anything to go by, it means trying on clothes, beating up a punch bag, and racing up the downwards escalators, while stunned shoppers whip out their phones to film videos.

Thanks to their “celebrity status”, the pair also managed to wangle a free suit for Spears – and were allowed to take a nap in a furniture-store bed.

Watch the full video below: