Emily Ratajkowski reveals the one talent she yearns for

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What will the model and actor, 27, make of our existential questions?

What is the meaning of life?

I don’t know: that would be my answer to that question.

What is the difference between right and wrong?

I don’t think it’s clear, there’s a lot of grey area.

Where is your happy place?

At home, but home varies, so it’s usually just anywhere with the people I love. It’s more about the people than the place.

Nature or nurture?

A combination of both. There is something to be said for people being born a certain way, but I think that so much of how we are raised and what we’re surrounded by is what makes us who we are.

Is it more important to be liked or respected?

Respected. A lot of really not interesting people are liked, but respect is something more unique.

If you could be remembered for one thing what would it be? 

I think being very specifically myself and standing up for what I believe in.

Who or what is your greatest love?

My parents are my greatest love. I’m an only child, so…

When did you last lie?

Probably pretty recently to be honest. There’s a lot of people in town and it’s hard to do scheduling. Sometimes you know you have to take time for yourself. I don’t mind a little white lie to take care of myself.

Does the supernatural exist?

I’m of the mindset that anything is possible and I’m really humble to it all. While I don’t subscribe to any specific beliefs, I’m curious and interested in the potential.

Are you fatalistic?

No, I wouldn’t say so. I think there’s a lot of grey area, and I think that the grey can be fatalistic, but I try to keep things as balanced as possible.

What is your greatest fear? 

Life being meaningless.

Animals or babies? 

Oh Jesus. Right now, animals; babies later.

What talent do you yearn for?

I was talking about this yesterday.

This is a simple one but I really wish I could remember everyone’s name and face. It would make my life so much better. People would appreciate it, and it’s a simple thing.

Do you like to be complimented?

Yeah, who doesn’t?

Do you have a high pain threshold?

I do actually. That’s a strange question, but I think women do. Pain is subjective, so who really knows what my pain threshold is. You can never know what other people’s is.

What book do you recommend most to others?

Self-Help by Lorrie Moore [a witty collection of short stories about female existence].

Which lesson has been the hardest to learn? 


What food sums up happiness? 

Thai food. I love a massaman curry.

Lorrie Moore’s Self-Help and a massaman curry help Emily Ratajkowski get through the day

What have you never understood?

I think I can empathise with all kinds of things, but deep hatred to the point of violence is really hard for me to empathise with or understand.

What is the one thing you want to know before you die?

That the people I love are happy and that I made them happy.

Are you scared of dying or what happens after you die?

No, I’m not really scared of dying. I’m open to it all. I’m not one of those people who rely on an afterlife. I think it’s more important to focus on what’s in front of you. Of course, no one looks forward to [dying]. But I don’t think it’s something I’m truly afraid of in the way that some people are.

Quinoa or Quavers?


Emily Ratajkowski is the face of Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her

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