Emma Barnett shares her 3 top career tips to bag your dream job

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Megan Murray
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Get ready to learn three career tips that could help you get exactly where you always wanted to go.

Emma Barnett knows all about getting to the top of the career ladder. 

The talented broadcaster and journalist has worked with some of the best in the business, collaborating on incredibly well-respected and loved radio programmes, as well as national titles. 

She hosts her own show on BBC Radio 5 Live, and also presents on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Before that she was Woman’s Editor at the Telegraph, so as you’d imagine she’s gathered her fair share of career advice along the way.

“If you can isolate something about what you’re doing at the moment that you really enjoy or you bring a particular talent to, and then try and hone in on that,” she explained, while schooling us on finding the right career path. 

We asked Barnett for her best three stand-out tips when it comes to bagging the job of your dreams, and she didn’t disappoint. Continue reading and take a little of her wisdom for yourself. 

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Decide the goal and plot the route

“A lot of people are always thinking about the next step they’d like to make in their career rather than the end goal and then working backwards. I think it’s best to think where you’d really love to be and then how you can get there, and the more difficult sometimes the better almost because it forces you to plot, it forces you to think about how to get there.”

Be audacious

“When I say be audacious what I mean by that is do things people don’t expect. I don’t mean in a kind of really weird way, or sometimes it could be. But I mean go the extra mile or answer a question or answer a job ad in a way that they might not be expecting. Email people you’re not meant to email.”

Devising new plots until timing is right

“Half the battle in a relationship is that the timing has to be right and I think this is the same in work as well. Sometimes because you’ve gone for something at a certain point it might just not be your moment. The timing might not be there. 

“So don’t be put off if you go for something and you don’t get it the first time. Maybe you’re going to be better for it later on in your career or at a different point or maybe if makes you realise what experience you were missing.”

Check out The Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 Live from Monday to Thursday, 10am to 1pm and watch our video with her above in full.


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