Emma Thompson and Rihanna flawlessly shut down royal wedding questions

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Emma Thompson on the royal wedding

Emma Thompson and Rihanna want everyone to “stop doing the, ‘Let’s talk about the royal wedding’” thing already.

As we’re sure you’re aware by this point, there’s a wedding on Saturday (19 May). However, while some can’t stop poring over the details of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming nuptials (sorry!), there are those among us who… well, who couldn’t give two tiny sugared almonds about it all.

Take Emma Thompson, for example. The actress was talking to the press about her upcoming adaptation of King Lear, when a journalist from Sky News decided to derail the Shakespeare chat entirely and sneak in a question about the royal couple’s big day.

Clearly perturbed, Thompson responded: “[There’s] not a single thought about it in my head to share with you, I’m so sorry,” she responded. “I haven’t even… It doesn’t occur to me actually, my son is getting married next year so I am much more sort of dealing with that but really I have nothing to say about it.”

The journalist, though, wouldn’t quit it – and the Love Actually star was forced to tell them to “stop it, just stop it, OK?”

Adding that she wished Meghan and Harry well (despite the fact that, y’know, she “doesn’t know them”), Thompson told the offending interviewer: “Stop doing the, ‘Let’s talk about the royal wedding’. Just give the poor kids a break.”

According to The Standard, the video was recorded in late March, but has only just surfaced. However, journalists have yet to learn their lesson.

In fact, someone actually asked Rihanna, who is currently promoting her Savage lingerie line, if she’ll be attending the wedding.

As noted by Billboard, Rihanna replied: “Why would you think I’m invited?”

The reporter, giggling nervously, said: “I don’t know, you met him!”

For context, Rihanna met the prince once, way back in 2016. Pointing out the ridiculousness of the journo’s logic (and proving she is queen of comebacks), RiRi reasoned: “OK, you met me, but do you think you’re coming to my wedding?

“Am I coming to yours?”

Thompson and RiRi’s comments come hot on the heels of Serena Williams, who was also recently quizzed about her royal wedding invite status.

However, despite actually being pals with the bride (she and Meghan have been besties for a while now), the tennis legend replied: “I don’t know [if I can go]. I think it’s during one of the tournaments, so I’ll see if I can make it.”

We doubt anyone has ever pulled off the, “I’m not sure, I might be working” card with such blasé charm (although we have a feeling Williams is attending, and has simply been sworn to secrecy).

It is worth noting that only close friends of the couple will be inside Windsor Castle for the event on 19 May – along with 1,200 members of the public, young and old, who have shown examples of strong leadership, or particularly served their communities.

If, unlike Thompson and Rihanna, you’re keen to find out more about the royal wedding, you can find all of our articles here.

If not, we apologise – and we’ll see you on the other side of the nuptials!

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