Everything we know so far about Sara Cox's new weekend show on ITV

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TV presenter Sara Cox

Sara Cox’s new chat show promises live music and capers aplenty

Everyone’s favourite Nineties broadcaster, Sara Cox, has landed her own weekend show on ITV.

The Sara Cox Show is billed as “a weekly fix of entertainment, live music and culture”, and will play out every Saturday and Sunday morning. 

The new show will debut on the channel later this year. There’s no launch date yet but here’s everything else we know so far about Cox’s latest “dream job”:

It’s prime hangover viewing

An easy chat-show format will take centre stage. “I can’t wait to keep people company on a weekend morning as they mooch about in their pyjamas, making crumpets,” says Cox, adding that it’s perfect for “people feeling delicate after a big night out”.

There’ll be plenty of celebrity guests

A line-up of famous faces will join Cox for a relaxed natter about books, films, podcasts and events about town. With a broadcast career that spans over 20 years, Cox is no stranger to a celebrity interview and has chatted to everyone from Beyoncé to Drew Barrymore in her time. Her dream guest is singing superstar Annie Lennox – so watch this space.

And a few “daft capers”, too

Her words, not ours. Anyone who tunes into Cox on Radio 2’s drivetime slot will know she’s prone to a splash of silliness, and we can expect the gags to flow thick and fast on her self-titled show. This is, after all, the woman who once grilled Harrison Ford on whether a moose or a bear would win in a fight, and bantered with Friends star Matt LeBlanc about flashing his “Schwimmer”

Presenters Zoe Ball and Sara Cox

Sara Cox will be replacing her old-time pal Zoe Ball on the ITV slot

Forget about the filters

Cox is famed for her forthright style and irreverent chat. Having no censor is part and parcel of her charm. So when it comes to interviewing celebs, or sorting out what theatre is good right now, the straight-talking host won’t be pulling any punches. A recipe, then, for fun watching (see Cox’s rant on death metal for a sneak preview of what lies ahead). 

But it won’t go too far

Anyone who’s hoping for a reincarnation of the infamous “Coxy” wild child of the 90s will be disappointed. While happy to prank around, Cox has left her more reckless hosting days far behind. “I think people want to discourage it,” she says of her one-time alter ego. “They don’t want her to rise up from her shallow grave where I buried her with some vodka and Marlboro Lights.”

The live music will be all that

With decades of experience in the hot seat on Radio 1 and Radio 2, Cox sure knows her tunes. So it’s no surprise that a big element of her new show is “excellent live music”. Though there’s a music team in place in her current radio 2 gig, Cox admits to badgering them over text with personal requests. Her favourite singers are Beyoncé, Whitney and Minnie Riperton, although as only Bey could fulfil the live part of Cox’s show, she may stick to performers and bands who are closer to home. 

Cox is replacing her old friend Zoe Ball on ITV

In taking on her new show, Cox is replacing the slot left empty by her partying pal of old Zoe Ball, who moved aside to take up her hotly anticipated gig at the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. Despite frenzied speculation of a rift between the pair, Cox says they are still close friends after the Radio 2 reshuffle: “We’re old buddies and we’ve always been really supportive of each other. Sometimes she gets jobs I’ve wanted. We always talk.”

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