Ewan McGregor backs out of ‘Good Morning Britain’ appearance in defence of the Women’s March

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Harriet Hall
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Ewan McGregor has pulled out of an appearance on Good Morning Britain in objection to the programme’s co-host’s sexist comments about the Women’s Marches.

You might have noticed that almost five million people took to the streets worldwide on Saturday, to protest the inauguration of President Trump and his rhetoric of misogyny, hatred and racism.

During the weekend, McGregor, 45, tweeted his support for the protesters, saying:

Classically, following this galvanising display of sisterly solidarity, staunch Trump supporter and life-long wind-up merchant, Piers Morgan decided to take to Twitter, to let it be known he thought it was the straight white male who was underrepresented in today’s society, putting it out there that he’d like to organise a men’s march to stand up to those ‘rabid feminists’.

Morgan’s Good Morning Britain co-host, Susanna Reid, along with thousands of other men and women reacted with frustration to Morgan’s tweet – including actor, McGregor, who was supposed to appear on the programme this week to promote his new film, Trainspotting sequel, T2.

Not having realised Morgan, 51, was the breakfast programme’s co-host, McGregor took to Twitter to say:

The Moulin Rouge star pulled out of his slot an hour before his scheduled appearance. A Good Morning Britain spokesperson later said: “Ewan came [in] this morning to be interviewed about his new film but decided not to go ahead with it.”

But the ever obstinate Morgan simply tweeted:

And, Reid agreed that she would have liked the actor to have debated the issue, saying:

On this morning’s show, Morgan added to his comments on McGregor, saying: “Sorry that Ewan McGregor’s not here. He couldn’t bear the thought of being on the sofa with me because he doesn’t agree with me about the women’s march.

“I have to agree with what an actor thinks about a particular issue because they’re actors. And as we know actors’ views are more important than anybody else’s.”

The presenters debated the topic live on air during the programme:

In an article in the Daily Mail this week, Morgan described what he thought of as “the repellent side of feminism,” an apparently “man-hating, violent, nasty side,” views which seem curiously unfounded, following a series of the largest and entirely peaceful protests in history was conducted predominantly by women.

While the presenters joked about McGregor losing an opportunity to promote his new film on their programme, T2, we suspect the actor’s stance will encourage all those five million ‘rabid feminists’ to go to the cinema and watch it, in support.

Funny, that.