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Fearne Cotton’s morning shower trick is a quick mental health booster

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Happy Place podcaster Fearne Cotton has given her mental health tips on The Joe Wicks Podcast, and her morning shower routine is something worth trying out.

As someone who is so candid and reassuring when it comes to mental health, Fearne Cotton’s discussions around the subject are always well worth listening to and taking note of. 

During lockdown, the Happy Place creator shared helpful advice on how to deal with the anger and frustration many of us have been experiencing. She also described how wearing brighter colours were an easy win for lifting her mood on dark days

Now, the podcaster has given another quick tip to help improve mental health in the mornings.

Speaking on The Joe Wicks Podcast, Cotton shared her showering routine, saying: “I’ll have a warm shower and then I put it on the most cold, freezing setting it will go on. I can stay in there now for three minutes and then I get out. It is heaven, you are pumped!”

Cotton also talked about how she often uses music as a form of therapy.

“If I am feeling low but there is an edge of frustration – which is usually a kind of go to emotion for me – then listening to some really melancholic emotive music to make me cry and have that release,” she said.

“To have a good cry is one of the most therapeutic things you can do and just to allow yourself to feel sad for a minute instead of thinking ‘no, no  – don’t be pathetic, people are having a worse time’. 

“We don’t need guilt in those moments, we need to actually experience emotion, all of us do.”

And, for anyone who is having trouble facing criticism as the moment, Cotton reflected on her own experience, saying: “There have been times when I was nearly floored by rejection or people trying to shame me, judgement and outside perspective… 

“It nearly floored me to the point where I didn’t want to get out of bed and I didn’t want to carry on doing this career. #

“I have probably said over fifty times in my career ‘that’s it, I’m not doing this anymore I can’t take it I am too much of a sensitive person’ but somewhere deep down I do have this side of me that is resilient I think”.

You can listen to the full interview on The Joe Wicks Podcast on BBC Sounds.

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