Celebrity best friends: stars reveal the friendships that get them through thick and thin

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In the words of Audrey Hepburn, true friends are families which you can select.

Our girlfriends are the leading ladies in our lives, whom we confide in, celebrate with and grow old with. She's the one person you can be yourself around with zero worry of pretension and feeling embarrassed. 

When we're not around her, we get that horrible empty feeling and if for some reason we haven't spoken in weeks, nothing changes. We pick up right where we left off.

A relationship like this is worth celebrating, which is why we turned to our favourite stars to find examples of great female friendships.

Even the most famous stars need the support system of a best friend and that person is often another well-known a-lister. Whether it's fighting off the paparazzi or preparing for the red carpet, they're able to relate to each other such as Friends duo Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox or fashionistas Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria.

But surprisingly, a lot of these friendships didn't bud as a result of fame. In fact, some of these celebrity friendships go as far back as days at school. Take a look at these wonderful stories of friendships among some of the most recognisable women in the world. 

  • Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

    The supermodels first met in Los Angeles in 1992, when Kate was 15 and Naomi 18. Some months later, the pair met in Madrid which is when their life-long friendship began.

    Naomi on Kate: "She’s honest, loyal and straightforward. There’s no bullshit. She’s not pretentious in any way. What you see is what you get. I love that about her. After all, we’re both from south London — I’m from Streatham, she’s from Croydon — and from working-class families. She’s never tried to be anything else and nor have I. We know our roots...We were like sisters...Kate and I were a backbone of support for each other. We’d meet after work for dinner, we’d go out. We talked about boys, as girls do, and the boys we’d met. Once we were with a person we’d still see each other. If her birthday was in LA, I’d go there. If mine was in New York, she’d come from wherever she was. We’d make an effort to be around for Christmas, birthdays, summer holidays. If I was doing a fashion show and she wasn’t in it, she’d still come and watch."

  • Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

    Since the very first episode of Friends the actresses have been real-life best friends. They would watch the sitcom together every Thursday, where Courteney would provide the snacks, and more recently, Courteney got engaged at Jennifer's house.

    Courteney on Jennifer: Telling the story of when boyfriend Johnny McDaid proposed to her: “We went to Jen’s house for dinner because it was Coco’s (Courteney's daughter with David Arquette) birthday, and she was god mom. They [McDaid and Coco] made a plan to count down from three, and when they got to one, he was gonna get down on his knee and say, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she was gonna say, ‘Will you marry him?'. They planned it out… It was just beautiful."

  • Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore

    Contrary to popular belief, the best friends did not meet on the set of Charlie’s Angels. The actresses often bumped into each other around Los Angeles and would wave to each other and say "hi".  After working with each other on two films they "spent every waking moment together for months and months—and years!" said Drew.

    Drew on Cameron: "What's helped me is having really good friends I know I can rely on. Cameron Diaz is one of the greatest friends anyone can ever have. She has so much love to give. We also support each other through the bad times. I've always felt like she's my big sister, but at the same time I know that sometimes I'm wiser and a bit less naive than she is. We just spend so much time having fun and laughing together. That's what true friendship is about".

    Cameron on Drew: When a radio presenter made a joke of Drew Barrymore's former drug addiction during an interview, she immediately ended the phonecall, saying "We're having to go now. Sorry, they're wrapping us up".

  • Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman

    The Australian actresses met each other at high school and later went on to become Hollywood icons, starring alongside each other in the 1991 film Flirting.

    Nicole on Naomi: “Naomi is like my sister. She moved into my house when I got divorced and took care of me.” The actress has also said, "Naomi Watts and I are very, very good friends and have maintained that through so many things. I think that's really rare, particularly for actresses, and I take a lot of pride in that."

    Naomi on Nicole: We share a "naughty wicked senses of humor. We definitely go to glamorous dinner parties, but we can also sit in a room and motormouth each other".

  • Lena Dunham and Allison Williams

    The stars of Girls met after actor Judd Apatow recommended Lena cast Allison for the part of Marnie in her hit television show. They soon became inseparable. 

    Lena on Allison: "I think about my best friendship – which the Marnie-Hannah friendship in Girls is based on – as like a great romance of my young life."

    Allison on Lena: 'When we first met, I felt like I'd known her forever – it was weird...My rule is, 'if it isn't bugging Lena then it's fine with me.'"

  • Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

    The power-duo of comedians met for the first time at an improvising class at Chicago's ImprovOlympic Theater. Executive vice-president of Second City Theatre, Kelly Leonard said of the pair: "They were inseparable walking around, and kept trying to get put in casts together." In recent years they have performed on Saturday Night Live, made films and hosted the Golden Globes together. Their friendship is full of pranks where Amy once filled Tina's trailer with rats on Christmas Eve. 

    Amy on Tina: "I remember Tina Fey wrote a play about Catherine the Great fucking a horse and I thought, 'That lady is hot stuff, I wanna know her.'"

    Tina on Amy: When Amy joined Saturday Night Live, after years of Tina asking her to, she said "I was so happy. Weirdly, I remember thinking, 'My friend is here! My friend is here!' Even though things had been going great for me at the show, with Amy there, I felt less alone."

  • Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson

    Thanks to their famous parents, Goldie Hawn and Steven Tyler, the actresses grew up in the same famous circles, but they only became close friends when they joined the same high school, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, in the 1990s. They famously shared a kiss in the 2000 movie Dr. T and the Women.

    Liv on Kate: "We have this little ritual (when getting ready for the Met Gala) where we meet at like 2 or 3 [o'clock], and we drink champagne and do hair and makeup and take pictures. Then we come here and we start walking and we’re like, 'Oh my God! I’m going to trip!'"

  • Florence Welch and Blake Lively

    The singer-actress duo struck up a friendship when Blake went to a Florence + the Machine concert. Blake was asked if she wanted to go backstage and when she met Florence, she thought she was "the nicest person [she'd] ever met". "I thought, I need to know her better," she added. They spent New Year's Eve together in Vegas that year (where Florence was performing) and have been close friends since. 

    Florence on Blake: "We both love music, and she is a good influence. She’s very savvy, and a good American girl — she helps me with my more cynical British side...she’s got such a big heart. She’s far more in the public eye than I am, and she’s a good, grounded, wise person to get advice from. She’s been a really big support when I’m in that big, crazy Met Ball scene — having Blake there to be a partner in crime has been really lovely."

    Blake on Florence: "I think we love each other too much—it’s not healthy! The performance you did that night, it’s the best thing I’ve been to yet."

  • Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek

    The actresses became close friends long before they were famous. They first met during auditions and when Penelope arrived in LA to act in her first Hollywood film, she knew no one but Salma. Salma immediately took Penelope under her wing and showed her the ins and outs of the city. They starred alongside each other as a bank-robbing duo in the 2006 movie The Bandidas.

    Penelope on Salma: "She’s one of my best friends. We call each other huevos (eggs). It was because when we were working together, we didn’t have children yet, so we used to sleep much more than now. So it was a way to call each other lazy. We slept in the same bed so many times and it was like she was always trying to wake me up and call me huevos."

  • Kelly Rowland and Beyonce

    The pair have been childhood best friends, having worked their way to the top in Destiny's Child and thereafter launching their solo careers.

    Kelly on Beyonce: "Growing up with my mom, Doris, Bey [Beyoncé], and Bey’s mother, Tina. If I came home with a big head, they’d tell me to get out the house – which has happened by the way. That’s what is so beautiful about the friendship of Destiny’s Child; honesty. To this day, I could wake up one morning and there’s this long text message from Bey or Michelle...I remember one of the first solo projects Bey did, I was sitting there the whole video shoot supporting her. I was happy for my sister...One of the things I’m most proud of in my life is the fact that we have maintained a sisterly bond."

  • Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham

    The stylish pair met years ago when the Beckhams moved to Los Angeles and Eva is consistently spotted in Victoria's eponymous label.

    Eva on Victoria: "People keep saying they're envious of my friendship with Victoria Beckham but we're pretty boring. We just talk about normal girl stuff and I borrow her clothes." The women wear the same size so Eva often borrows clothes directly from Victoria's personal wardrobe.

  • Poppy Delevingne and Sienna Miller

    The pair become close friends after Sienna Miller rapidly rose to fame and even shared a flat together in New York for some time.

    Poppy on Sienna: "I remember when Sienna Miller's first Vogue cover came out, just after she was in Alfie and before I knew her. She looked so dreamy in white and she had feathers in her hair and that whole boho thing going on. She was totally my heroine at the time, I just wanted to emulate her. And now of course we're friends and I'm always telling her how I wanted to be just like her - she probably finds it quite scary."

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