Outcry as First Dates contestant tells woman she wears too much make-up

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Deborah Cicurel
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We were delighted when we heard that First Dates Hotel, a spin-off of the hit reality TV series, was set to air on Channel 4. Matching would-be couples in a boutique hotel in the French countryside, the location for romance is perfect – and the one-liners predictably brilliant. 

But despite the idyllic setting, fans of the show were outraged last night after Mancunian Adam, 29, decided Kate, 26, also from Manchester, wasn’t for him because she wore “too much make-up”. 

Viewers took to Twitter to complain about Adam, saying he was “ridiculous”, and to defend a  woman’s right to wear however much make-up she wants. 

Despite a hint of chemistry earlier on in the date, when the pair were brought together to decide whether they’d continue to see each other, Adam said their dinner felt like more of a “mate date”, explaining that he “just didn't feel that spark”. 

Making matters worse for himself, he added: “I don't normally go for girls that have got so much make-up on… we're talking honestly and don't get me wrong you look great with your make-up...”

Despite Kate telling Adam it was fine and that she’s a “make-up girl”, he made things even more awkward, saying: “'That's just a personal preference of mine, because you look great in your make-up, I just don't want it all over my face.”

He even went so far as to say they’d be a “match made in hell”. 

Unsurprisingly, that was the end of the road for the couple, with Kate saying afterwards that Adam’s feedback was “pretty brutal”. 

“He told me I wore too much make-up and it wasn't for him and that he didn't want it on his face,” she said, later adding: “I like my make-up, I like spending time on my appearance, I like my nails, that is me as a person.

“It would be a complete waste of time to try and make something with someone who wasn't on board with that. I would like someone who likes me for me.”


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