Florence Pugh’s marmalade tutorial is the most soothing thing you’ll watch today

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Jessica Rapana
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Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh’s buoyant approach to cooking is so infectious, which is why her marmalade tutorial is the ultimate comfort watch.

When was the last time you allowed yourself the time to do something as absolutely frivolous as making marmalade? We’re guessing: a while. And this is just another reason why we love Florence Pugh

We first fell in love with Pugh in Little Women and then we became obsessed with her sartorial choices. And now, we are becoming incredibly attached to the actor’s Instagram cooking tutorials – the latest of which documented her making her own batch of marmalade. Even Paddington Bear approved.

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“My gran makes the best marmalade in the world so I’m hoping to do her proud,” the Oscar-nominated actor explained to her 1.1 million followers. And not only was her inaugural attempt at marmalade a success – it passed the “flake test” where the mixture clumps together without running off the food – it was a joy to watch.

There is something relaxing about cooking videos, and thanks to Pugh’s silky voice and her buoyant approach to cooking, it’s easy to be lulled into a hypnotic trance while watching the 10-minute-long series of Instagram stories, for which she used the hashtag: #PughMakesMarmalade.

We weren’t the only ones who were impressed – the ultimate endorsement came from Mr Marmalade himself, when Paddington Bear tweeted Pugh.

“If I had made 8 jars of marmalade last night I’d have one for each day of the week and a spare to share with a friend. @Florence_Pugh,” read the tweet.

Pugh responded, kindly offering to share her haul, saying: “Paddington, do you want to make sandwiches with me? You can have a spare jar btw…”

Paddington replied: “Dear Ms Pugh, that’s a lovely idea. I will bring you some of the marmalade Mrs Bird and I made last week so that we don’t use all of your up. Thank you.”

Talk about a sweeter-than-marmalade Twitter exchange.

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