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Florence Pugh has this advice for anyone missing big nights out

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Florence Pugh joins Jessie and Lennie Ware on the latest episode of Table Manners, and it’s one of our favourite episodes yet. Here’s what you might have missed…

Florence Pugh is currently on lockdown in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Zach Braff. The actor, who has spent a lot of her time creating sourdough starters, talks more about how this is going in the latest episode of Table Manners. She managed to record the interview over Zoom with podcast hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware – and it’s such a lockdown treat.

Before the three women get deep into the conversation, Lennie (who, let’s face it, is an icon), asks Pugh to hold on a minute while she goes outside to join in with the clap for carers. “My son’s a doctor,” she proudly shouts. It’s a lovely podcast moment, and Pugh is more than happy to wait.

Onwards with the episode and there is, of course, a lot of food talk that will make you drool. Pugh’s dad is a restaurateur, after all. And we were transfixed on those marmalade making videos she shared back in February.

Pugh chats about the joy of biting into a crunchy salad, what she’s growing in her vegetable patch and her love for goat’s cheese. But it’s the advice she shares on how to recreate a big night out at home that might stick with listeners, especially if you’re missing that feeling of walking into a bar for drinks with pals.

When Lennie reveals that she’s bored of eating her own food and misses going out in the evening, Pugh shares her friend’s advice.

“Do you know what you should do?” she says. “My friend told me she did this one weekend and it really helped. Pretend there’s a bar in your house. Get a bar ready and play some background music and put some background noise on and pretend you’re in a bar.

“She did it and said [she] had a great time.”

When Jessie suggests pretending it’s a date, her mum jokes about using the blow-up Peppa Pig she has in her house as her romantic other. She then suggests ordering a “blow up man” from Amazon.

“They’ll be an essential item!” Pugh laughs back. 

So what would Pugh pour for herself at the bar? 

“It’s changing as I get older,” she tells Lennie. “Now, my favourite cocktail is a really, really good martini. A martini with a twist, is my new favourite – very clean. And I now know how to make it and perfect it.”

With bank holiday weekend ahead, maybe it’s the perfect time to get your best dress out and try Pugh’s big night in idea?

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