Twitter users share best stories about meeting celebrity heroes IRL

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Megan Murray
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These brilliantly bizarre celebrity spots are just the ticket if you’re in need of a giggle. 

We see footage and pictures of celebrities all over the internet pretty much constantly, but have you ever bumped into a famous face in real life? The experience is no doubt surreal, and can come with an interesting story to tell your friends afterwards.

Which is exactly what people on social media have been doing after Twitter user @yusufyuie asked his followers to share the “most awkward or interesting celebrity interaction you have had?”

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Naturally, thousands of people have been fascinated by the thread, which name drops celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, and has attracted 2.9k comments and over 5k likes. 

So, if you’re hitting a bit of a mid-week slump, we’d like to invite you to take a few minutes out of the daily grind for this Twitter thread that we think might make you smile.

From the sweet to the expertly cutting, we’ve picked out our favourite celebrity sightings, that are both brilliant and bizarre. Enjoy.

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Whoopi Goldberg

“A few years ago there was a period of about two months where I randomly ran into Whoopi Goldberg three different times in various parts of NYC.

The first time she smiled at me, the 2nd time she looked slightly confused, the 3rd time she looked slightly alarmed,” says Miz Jenkins.

Naomi Campbell

“I was in the line for TSA at JFK and Naomi Campbell is right next to me. The first words out of my mouth ‘I’ve never met a celebrity before.’

She shut me down with, ‘honey, I’m not a celebrity, I’m a supermodel,’” says Taylor Stone.

Sandra Bullock

“In line at the movie theater and my daughter was petting a dog. I was very cautious as she was only around three years old at the time. I gave the most asshole smile to the owner while keeping an eye on the interaction. The owner was Sandra Bullock,” says Mon E.

Cameron Diaz

“I met Cameron Diaz at this restaurant I was working at. I had my head down when she walked up and when I looked up I said ‘oh shit, what you doing here girl’ and then she said, ‘well, I gotta eat’. 

We laughed and that was pretty much it,” says Alexa Demi’s Thong.

Shay Mitchell 

“I met Shay Mitchell in LA and never recognised Spencer [also from Pretty Little Liars]. I thought she was her PA, they both kept laughing and I was thinking what is funny? 

So, she took a picture and once I got to the top of the hill I realised who she was. I’ve never felt so bad in my life,” says Laatz.

Helena Bonham Carter

“I was forced to go food shopping as a stroppy teen with my Mum and someone accidentally ran over my foot with their trolley, I turned round and yelled FOR. FUCKS. SAKE, and realised it’s Helena Bonham Carter who very sweetly apologised, I promptly died inside,” says Charlotte.

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